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Over the weekend, I tried out about four Tatuaje Havana VIs. Is this stick meant to be Tat's homage to the Siglo VI? Not entirely sure. At any rate, this was a decent cigar that suffered from irritatingly inconsistent burn issues. Very uneven burn that required frequent touch-ups. Also prone to "tunneling," i.e., where the inner leaves start burning more quickly than the wrapper and binder leaves. Experienced varying degrees of annoyance with the burn on all four...
I have questions about why you read a site called "Beauty Riot!", but I'll save those for another day.
SpooPoker, you are under arrest by the Washington, D.C. Pre-Crime unit for the creation of a fifth sockpuppet for the purposes of trolling, to occur tomorrow afternoon at 4:57pm Eastern time. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Jerked off to some porn.
Quote: Originally Posted by kmarotta83 I was afraid of that. I'll work on it. Use a hosting service other than ImageShack and you should be fine.
I've had drug tests required upon being a new hire at two of my office jobs in the course of my career. I passed both of the tests, though on at least one of them, I have no idea how. I guess pot and/or coke don't linger in the system as long as it commonly assumed.
If this is your first time eating a burger or steak or something in a long time, you might get some oily diarrhea shortly afterward. Just warning you. It's because your body isn't used to beef. You'll need to reacclimate to it. Make sure you have access to a nice, clean bathroom and some reading material.
I just read the first book. It's not bad. It's not groundbreaking YA literature or anything, but it's better than most of what's out there. At any rate, is this movie going to show the scene where Katniss strips naked and has her legs and pussy meticulously waxed clean? If not, the movie is not true to the book, and I refuse to watch it.
I think it's impossible to remove all subjectivity from a critique of someone else's outfit, or from the exercise of prescribing stylistic rules to be followed by others. Even the best critics will concede -- or should concede -- that their concepts of style are based on a set of influences they've encountered or texts they've read or movies they've seen, rather than on theoretical attempts (probably futile) to piece together ideal uses for each item in combination with...
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic +1 for During most of the 20th century, Le Rosey was referred to as the "School of Kings", as the school has educated many notable alumni, including 7 monarchs.[7][8] Le Rosey is currently in the planning stages of constructing the CHF 45 million (estimated $43 million USD) Carnal Hall, an Arts and Performance Centre for Le Rosey and the La Côte region...
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