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It's a very simple and sly exchange, really. Let's say I spot a Well-Dressed Man (WDM) at my salsa class. I would approach the WDM and initiate the following dialogue: Me: Those are very nice shoes you're wearing. WDM: Thanks. Me: Do you mind if I ask...how much they cost? WDM: About $500. (initiate seekrit handshake and/or buttsechs)
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Ok, I am going to say it again. We need a SF Secret Code. I don't believe you meanies who say we have one and won't tell anybody! Please note: "Fidelio" is only the password to get into the house; it is not the password to get into the orgy. I learned this the hard way a few years ago.
Yes, please go up to the well-dressed man at your salsa class and compliment him on his clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Are we starting this spoiler shit again? Its like the True Blood thread all over again. Look people, if you don't want to know what's going on with the current episode, don't fucking click this thread until you've watched it. Simple. Tells the story. This basically is the True Blood thread all over again. And it's not about spoiling the current episode of the show; it's about spoiling shit that hasn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by nystyle86 You mean the only way people get herpes is if you sleep with the entire football team and not just one person? Herpes is a numbers game, dude. The more people you bang, the more you expose yourself to the odds. While it's certainly possible to get herpes from your first and only lay, that's not usually how one acquires it. There is a high correlation between having the herp and being promiscuous.
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS I don't know but I don't get into this thread inbetween the time the show airs and I have the time to dl and watch it. Seems like common sense. Just as not clicking spoiler tags when one doesn't want to have his experience spoiled, seems common sense. [[SPOILER]] Next time I have the urge to add something from the books I'll try and remember to add bookspoiler above the tag. Or DCtSTS (for Don't Click the Spoiler Tag, Stupid)....
Hermes Man and Reevolving are my two favorite posters on SF. Also, does anyone else pronounce it "HER-meez" in their head when reading his posts? For some reason, I bet that's how he pronounces it, and I want to do him justice. "Weird Meats" turned out to be MetroStyles, btw. Thought everyone knew that at this point. I mean, don't get me wrong; it was genius trolling. But he wasn't a real person, sadly.
Hey Brian, While I do appreciate your keeping the book spoilers off of this thread, what is the policy on show spoilers? Is there a statute of limitations on how long after an airing we need to use spoiler tags to discuss that episode's content? IMO, a good 24 hours after an episode has aired, discussing it in the open should be fair game. I mean, at that point it's just common sense not to wade into the latest pages of a thread like this if you're not caught up, right?
I, for one, am glad you created this thread. For the last three months or so, I have been unable to see Battle LA. I'd been waiting diligently for magogian12345 to weigh in on the subject, and on his own thread no less (Not for me that pesky, existing Battle LA thread!). Now that he has created this thread and posted his assessment, I am good to go. A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches you are a cheater. +1
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