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This is the strangest genre of fetish porn I've seen in a long time, and boys, I've seen some fetish porn in my day.
Jesus fucking Christ. You people are retards.
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS 2. Aren't you Mr. Goodietwoshoes all of a sudden. I've always been a stuck-up asshole about spoilers. Especially when people try to spoil shit I am watching with great interest. I'm still a lovable troublemaker everywhere else, though. In conclusion, I am a man of many contradictions.
It is well known that a diet rich in wheat gluten angries up the blood, causing bilious humours to circulate throughout the system and upset the balance therein. I would suggest no fewer than three leeches for a period no less than 30 minutes.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal I'm just dumbfounded that this is so hard for people. How do you all manage to wipe your ass much less log onto a computer? Seriously, though. You should check out the flaming wreckage of the True Blood threak circa about this time last year. There was a similarly endless debate about book spoilers. Having lived through that festival of facepalmery, I am not necessarily surprised to see its playing itself...
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer It might be helpful to turn the question around. How many of us, I wonder, would admit to a stranger who approached us in salsa class -- or anywhere else, for that matter -- that we frequent the Forvm? In my case, it would depend a great deal on who else was around to hear the confession. I dunno, mang. At that point, I mean, why the hell not fess up to it? This is like the classic "Spotted a co-worker...
It's a very simple and sly exchange, really. Let's say I spot a Well-Dressed Man (WDM) at my salsa class. I would approach the WDM and initiate the following dialogue: Me: Those are very nice shoes you're wearing. WDM: Thanks. Me: Do you mind if I much they cost? WDM: About $500. (initiate seekrit handshake and/or buttsechs)
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Ok, I am going to say it again. We need a SF Secret Code. I don't believe you meanies who say we have one and won't tell anybody! Please note: "Fidelio" is only the password to get into the house; it is not the password to get into the orgy. I learned this the hard way a few years ago.
Yes, please go up to the well-dressed man at your salsa class and compliment him on his clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Are we starting this spoiler shit again? Its like the True Blood thread all over again. Look people, if you don't want to know what's going on with the current episode, don't fucking click this thread until you've watched it. Simple. Tells the story. This basically is the True Blood thread all over again. And it's not about spoiling the current episode of the show; it's about spoiling shit that hasn't...
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