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Do you have any idea how well educated those people are?
I don't care for women in suits, but women in dress pants? Hot damn, yes plz. Something about wool office pants makes a woman's ass look off the heezy fo sheezy, dawg
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude There isn't a facepalm big enough in the world for you, clown. aww shit got tole by ja-RUDE shit, son
I think mordecai is here There's a really fruity looking guy with glasses and a plaid shirt I think it's mordecai
We are @ library bar right now Stop by
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie I love how apartments built in the 50's/60's are described here as "vintage" Srsly. That's because most people live in shitbox, ugly-as-sin apartments built in the 90s or later. Contemporary apartments use cheap, cheap, cheap materials, and cut corners like nobody's business, and have no style whatsoever. Give me a 1920s place any day of the week. I'll pay the top dolla to retrofit it as needed. That...
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower If you live within 7 miles of the coast in LA you almost never have to run air conditioning. lolwut
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow FWIW, I have a seven year-old iMac (lulz.) The only time I've ever heard the fan run was once when doing a firmware upgrade. Noice. I don't 'get' iMacs, fwiw. They don't even use desktop hardware. They are basically laptops -- with laptop chipsets and cards -- in desktops' clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire What delicious irony this is coming from you, Mr. The-Entire-Board-Is-My-DT. Your opinion of the messenger doesn't make the message any less true, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal [/b] Actually I think it's the lack of common courtesy and the need for people to self-righteously defend their own boorish behaviour. +100 Well shit, man. I'm just about going to give up and abandon this threak the way I had to bail on the True Blood threak. People are dumb a-holes, and it seems book spoilers are here to stay. Real shame folks can't keep their nerd-boners in their pants for the sake of...
New Posts  All Forums: