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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson This is an evil, evil thread. You will rot in hell, DC. FINALLY me rub you rong time
The definitive scene in The Godfather:
I am in this to win this.
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Return them. You can't afford them. There's no shame in that. +1 If your shoes are so precious to you that you can't bear to wear them and ruin their pristine condition, then you can't really afford them. You can afford something when you can afford to use it (and, eventually, to replace it). I understand the timidity that accompanies the breaking in of something pure and beautiful and unspoiled and all...
If I owned only four dress shirts (or were starting a collection with the first four), they'd be 2 whites and 2 light blue solids. Maybe even 1 white and 3 light blues. I wouldn't even start to consider patterns until I were on my 8th shirt or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow It's true. This threak contains the portents of several novel-length Tagut-rants. It has baited me like a Justin Bieber threak baits Kwilk. What'll really bake your noodle later on is this: if I hadn't have known you were coming, would you still have come?
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Seriously, your Peremptory Proclamation Man schtick gets old. I do it only on threaks you have posted in or will post in, because I know you love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fang66 The more complicated looking rolls tend to be found in bento rather than at a restaurant. They can be an OK, inexpensive and relatively healthy lunch choice. Makes sense. At bento type places I always got the big dumplings. Those things were outstanding. Perfect train food.
+10 Pam is sexy as hell. And Lizzie Caplan's tits are the truth, man.
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