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Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Very true. Most people don't actually know what an investment banker does. An old mentor of mine once said that a successful investment banker is "someone who finds a 25th hour in every day." By that he meant that the successful banker is the one who can somehow get all his model monkeying done on time and with a minimum of errors, and still find time to do the requisite ass kissing and networking...
Gordon Gekko wasn't an investment banker. Just sayin'.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reynard369 This sounds a bit like a cross between nerd daydream fantasy and the MetroStyles "Adventures in Online Dating" threak. It's actually the plot of one of Conne's recent threaks in DT, only Conne is neither a believable protagonist nor a reliable narrator in the story.
People past the age of 10 still watch professional wrestling? (Note: Surfing YouTube for Stacy Kiebler thong clips does not count as actually watching wrestling, so I absolve myself of all sins).
Khal Drogo is paleo as fuck. Bow down, bitches. Also, am I the only one who loved the big fat guy's big pasty schlong? I got some quality lulz from that random scene. HBO sure knows how to work a good, unnecessary dick into a scene. Moar plz.
"I'm a little pretty girl trapped in a grown-up's body." This sentence actually describes me pretty accurately.
Just about 95% of all men who wear shorts routinely have no business wearing shorts. The sight of pasty, lumpy, hairy flesh should not be forced on an unsuspecting populace.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Time for the Rambo report: The good: Fassabender was EXCELLENT. Really killed the part. McAvoy I thought did quite well with his role but wasn't given as much material to work with. Whoever said that this should have been titled Magneto: Origins was spot on. A slight tweak in the script and it would have been very easy to make it all about him. Even though I thought he was a poor fit physically, I liked Kevin...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving DonCarlos, it doesn't matter if the shoe is a $50 knock-off, an $800 Darlton, or a $2000 Lobb. It's the tragedy of tarnishing something a virgin leather sole. Either you get it...or you don't.. I've tarnished plenty of pristine leather soles on plenty of shoes more expensive than Darltons, and it hasn't kept me up at night. Maybe I'm only partially reevolved, though.
Sure, but then everyone will see your little wiener flapping around in the summer breeze.
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