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Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen I seriously doubt that he got into that shape without eating paleo foods though. It's a two-part combination. The paleo diet helped him put on muscle mass, and cutting out wheat gluten allowed him to lose fat and get cut.
Quote: Originally Posted by uniesse Presumably C&J would resole them for you, I cannot see them saying no just because it was sold as a RL shoe. Apparently they do say no, and for exactly that reason. At least that's what I have heard anecdotally. Have not worn my Darltons down to quite that point yet, but I'll find out when I get there. I have heard, however, that many companies (C&J included) will not resole a retail-rebranded shoe of their...
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Well obviously. Just making sure you were still with the program.
This thread is getting way too spoilery. Is this a thread about the TV show or a thread about the books? (As we'll recall, I fought several extended and ultimately doomed-from-the-start battles along these lines in the True Blood thread last year, lol)
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen I'm sure being a professional athlete helps as well. It's mostly the no-gluten thing, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by mellow +1 on Havana Club, the 7 year is around $8USD if you pick it up in Cuba. I remember reading some customs forms on my way back to the states and I think it is perfectly legal to bring back (at most) 2 bottles of rum and 4 cigars, or something small-time like that. +2 Havana Club is the shiz.
Quote: Originally Posted by usctrojans31 What?
Quote: Originally Posted by usctrojans31 Do any of the posters on here have a Siglo VI that they would be willing to sell to me at a reasonable price? I still have yet to try it and would really love to do so. There are a number of online shops that sell the real deal (and many that sell counterfeits), and of those shops, a few will ship to the U.S. I'm hesitant to give mine out, unfortunately, because these places have a nasty habit of...
Anyone have any experience with El Cortez? On a whim I ordered a bottle of the 21yr from my favorite online wine and liquor purveyor. Not the most expensive bottle of all time, but certainly not cheap, especially for rum.
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH This man. He knows his shit. QFT
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