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Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo 3 as in she's just ugly but decent body shape, or 3 as in fugly fattie? I would think that a 3 does not allow for butterfaces. At that level in the ranking system, both face and body are well below average. A good butterface might be a 5 or possibly even a 6 or 7, depending on how slammin' the body and/or how acceptably ugly the face. Bear in mind that I use a roughly normal distribution for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 I keep going back and forth. When I first heard Jennifer Lawrence got the part, I was disappointed as I really wanted someone younger and thinner (Hailee Steinfeld is my ideal Katniss). After the EW cover, I adored her. However, recent pictures of Lawrence show she's as heavy as ever so I'm back to wishing Hailee got the part. Hailee Steinfeld isn't attractive enough to play a convincing Katniss....
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man Wasn't nearly as bad as you guys made it out to be. They are really not much dumber than the average 20 year old -male or female. Actually, that is the most depressing thing about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Who cares what they think? Really, who isn't staring at their dsl, ass, cleavage, hair, knees? This. And since when have the Q&A or "talent" portions of these pageants ever been more than cringeworthy side shows? Especially in Miss USA, of all pageants. Miss USA makes no pretence about being anything other than an unabashed beauty contest. I wouldn't really care if a Miss USA contestant were functionally...
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. Read the first two, then just got too bored to continue. The story was somewhat interesting, but the writing dreadful. Worse, it was so simplistic and plot development. That all said, Katniss seems to be cast well. Yeah, that's been my experience so far. The writing is atrocious. It's not a huge step up from fan fiction, really. But the premise is interesting. The plot of the first book, and the novelty of the...
About 1/4 of the way through the second book. It is sucking fat cock so far. The writing style is clumsy and needlessly expository. It's as if a new writer has taken over on this one. I don't get it. And why is Suzanne rehashing everything that took place in book 1, as if the reader of book 2 has never read the first installment? This is garbage. I am disappoint.
Do you have any idea how well educated those people are?
I don't care for women in suits, but women in dress pants? Hot damn, yes plz. Something about wool office pants makes a woman's ass look off the heezy fo sheezy, dawg
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude There isn't a facepalm big enough in the world for you, clown. aww shit got tole by ja-RUDE shit, son
I think mordecai is here There's a really fruity looking guy with glasses and a plaid shirt I think it's mordecai
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