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i had the same problem with the Ramones (low version)....i went up a size and cause the tongue is stitched in, it was impossible to get my foot in...ended up returning them....i tried on a pair a year later and had to basically go up 2 full sizes just to get my foot in....if you really want the low version, you gotta go up in size and add an insole...just my opinion though
i recently picked up the down filled long bomber jacket. really great, however, the loft of the down seems to already be flattening. maybe, it's more of a general down question, but anyone have any experience with re-fluffing the jacket to restore it's loft? it doesn't have the traditional baffles of a typical down jacket, so i'm just wondering if anyone had any tips
not sure why they moved once again, but i would think that times are a bit tough and from the few photos i've seen, the new location certainly appears to be much smaller. i always enjoyed my visits to Atelier. not being from NYC, i found each visit to almost feel like a pilgrimage, especially for one that enjoys and appreciates fashion and clothing. with regards to those that have commented on the SA's, i've always found the staff to be helpful and knowledgeable,...
i saw this interview and thought about posting...thanks for putting this up dante.... being chinese, yohji's comments have always been refreshing regarding the relationship (often strained) between the chinese and japanese. certainly given his age and as he put it, "a son of war", i appreciate that as usual, he's not afraid to go against the grain of what many of his peers often tip toe around or avoid discussing altogether. i'm not sure if this has been debated yet,...
thanks for info esox....been eyeing the overcoat on Yoox and i've heard that the Y's items are typically more fitted and tailored..especially those that came later on...Appreciate your two cents.
Hi all! ...Looking for some sizing advice regarding the Y's for Men line...I've heard that, generally speaking, this line is slimmer and less "oversized" than YYPH...more tailored I suppose... Looking to pick up a classic coat and worried that my standard size 4 is gonng be too tight... Can anyone put my concerns to rest?
that's great David....appreciate the details...thanks! I'm a size 4....i had a feeling it'd be sale time now, i'm hoping there are still some pieces left....
for those of you that reside or have visited Hong Kong, where would one find a good stockist that carries Yohji for men?? i'll be visiting in a few days and would like to pick up a few pieces while i'm out there. did some searches, but couldn't find anything sure bets. thanks in advance
That cardigan is killer....Sooo tempted to bite the bullet and just get it!
Ivwri....that cardigan/jacket looks does it handle in real life?
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