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I have been very tempted by Union Made Loden Green makeups. I do not think I have ever seen a pic posted in this thread though.
Totally suitable for summer.In Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig wore a dark brown chukka for most of the move, in the desert.
Great to hear. I guess you are staying in Richmond then? I am a little surprised cause I thought you would come back up here, but if you have a good job that is the most important thing. Richmond is very nice.....and not that far. Good to see you around.If you are looking for Alden's check eBay for new ones, some people got some pretty good deals from JCrew they are trying to flip. OH, and you are speaking about Ed at shoemart.
I did not come here to learn about your math's!!!
I agree with the others. This seems to be the natural waxes coming they have been sitting for a very long time. I think I would keep brushing them for a week or two daily and then when this stops happening I would apply Saphir Reno or something similar. I would not wear them in fear that if the leather is too dry it may crack.Look up Cordovan Leather Bloom.Also, do not apply wax to them. Never clear wax.
Is there another maker that produces as many shoes in Horween shell as Alden? Is anyone close?
I noticed a small affect on my white suede where I may have over sprayed it a little. From white to grey but now I spray lighter. I think it went away when it dried.
Welcome to the forms Steve. Good luck.
Last video I clicked on in this thread had some guy licking something. I think I will pass on this one.
I have whiskey PTB's but wish I had held out for Ravello PTB's. Ravello is just so much more versatile IMHO.I still wear the whiskey now, especially this time of year!
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