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Thank you very much!
Is Unlucky (Scott) still active? Looking for one or two new belts. Very happy with the belt and wallet he made me years ago.
Hello, I am getting a new house later this month. It is a minor surprise because I was not really looking very hard but I found a house that I like. I would appreciate any help with furniture. I have read through much of this thread. The house is a traditional cape cod with an awesome addition on the back which is basically a large (1,000 SF) room in the back that has a kitchen and family room combined into one great room. It has wood floors, they are not solid wood...
Thank you NonChalant321.
Those are super slick. Wear in good health.
How comfortable is the Eames Lounge Chair for a tall person for an extended time like watching a a football game?
I have a MKII Kingston and love it. Aesthetically I really like the overall look of the Kingston. I believe the hands on the Nassau are a little thinner. Regardless I am much more interested in the upcoming non-date 3-6-9 Nassau.As for the Black Bay I was a huge fan but once you see that the round hour markers do not belong with the snowflake hands then you cannot get past it.The Pelegos is in my top 3 list. If it was stainless steel it would top my list.
Easily #4 is more rare. I have only seen a few makeups in #4 in a few years but have seen, and own, a fair amount of Cigar. For shell usually the lighter the shade the more rare it is. That being said #4 is much, much, more rare than Whiskey.
Just received my ties today. Fast ship. Ties exactly as described. Thank you.
Yeah, this. It may take some time but it will not be as bad as you think.
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