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Hi, what are the measurements for this and how does it fit?
I'd be happy to take it off your hands. Are there any restrictions?
That's certainly new. I didn't know that he was pushing for even more money. Meh, it was amusing to speculate on for a bit. I wonder what the execs will do to the brand to try and promote growth now. I can't see them just changing things back to the way they were.
Yes, I do know and why not bring him back into the Kering family? He has a proven track record and is considered an influential 'superstar' designer. The lawsuit was over money - Slimane wanted his non-compete reinstated along with the financial windfall that came with it. He didn't renew his contract at Saint Laurent because he wanted complete control over pretty much everything with the Saint Laurent name on it. If the money was right and he was given complete...
I wonder if Kering will try to bring Heidi Slimane in now that he's available. O'Shea was supposed to do what Slimane did for YSL and Dior, right? He has helped those companies make a lot of money so why not go after the guy who seems to make everything he touches 'cool'? I'm not saying Brioni should go that route, but I can see it happening.
I own a number of Belstaff items (under the current owners, Labelux) and the zippers seem quite substantial to me. I haven't had any problems so far.
I also got mine at Sherway and it was the last one. I don't think they carry Belstaff at the downtown location.
That's a good score! It is on sale currently on the Belstaff website for $278 USD, so you did good! I picked up the Leighwood in black waxed cotton myself over the weekend.
PSA: Canada Goose Canyon Shell Jacket for Women on sale at Holt Renfrew Sherway Mall for $169 down from $595. Oh, and there's also an extra 20% off!!!! Insane deal, right? It only applies to the CG Canyon Shell for ladies in red and blue though. There were several jackets still hanging on the rack as of yesterday afternoon, mostly large sizes left. I was lucky enough to snag an XS for my mom. Check it out if you are in the area, and if you want to get something for...
They are $765 plus tax. They retail for $2550.
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