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Where will the sale be? I am visiting family there that weekend so I can literally line up crazy early. Oh, I should mention that I can only proxy for fellow Torontonians otherwise it could get complicated.
PSA - NWT Mainline Corneliani suits at the Heartland Town Centre Marshalls for $300 a pop in the clearance section as of 2:30 PM today. Size 54 and 52 EU, both drop 7, IIRC. 54 suit is light grey with blue and beige micro pinstripes. The 52 is grey plaid with a bit of purple. I almost bought the 52, but didn't have time to try the pants nor wait in line to pay because I had to pick someone up at the airport. The jacket fit me well and I normally wear 50 EU. May you...
I think I saw the same suit....it was definitely a fake. It said Ermenegildo Zegna Paris on it! Paris? I checked the pants and noticed that it had already been hemmed. I think this was a tag switcheroo, probably with a Z Zegna suit since the price was about $499, I think. I noticed another such switcheroo at a different Winners location that has designer stuff as well. Don't the people who accept returns pay attention when it is a high priced item? Anyway, pretty...
Probably three season at best depending on the width of the wale. The thinner it is, the better in my opinion. Any pictures? In all honesty though, for 97% off it wouldn't even bother me if the suit can only be worn for one month out of every year, lol. Now I'm tempted to make the trek to the outlet to look for a similar deal.
I mainly browsed the 40R suits and jackets. In terms of staples, there were a few solids here and there, mainly J.P. Tilford by Samuelson and lots of Baulmer. I think there was a solid Zegna navy two button suit that was 40% off of $1699. Maybe a regular grey Canali suit as well that was $999. I remember mostly striped suits, and personally I was looking for plaid and windowpane patterns so sorry about my poor recall of staples. There was an amazing dark grey plaid...
I was at the Mississauga location last week. The shoe selection was nothing to special, there were a bunch of sport coats and suits with an extra 40% off. Some Canali, Dolce & Gabbana, and Zegna mixed in there. The best deals were on this one particular tie table....$9.99 ties. I picked up three solid skinny ties by Armani Collezioni and Eton. I also had my eye on a Navy Filson briefcase for $249. I almost pulled the trigger on it.
TheloniusDrunk, are you located in Toronto? The Bay in downtown Toronto has both the leather and canvas version. Both are nice, but I really like the leather version. It is a large bag though, and probably would be a bit awkward and heavy to carry if you did fill it all up like TOstyle said.
Has anyone been to the Harry Rosen outlet at Heartland recently for their sale? I was at their outlet in Vaughn Mills and left empty handed, but I did see a few decent items like Etro and Eton ties for $29, a black Filson briefcase for $199, grey suede Canali chukkas for $199, and a made in Italy Ralph Lauren Black Label blazer in dark brown waxed cotton also for $199.
Is LGI leather middle of the range, or the worst quality that RO offers?
Keep the Dior. It looks better.
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