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I own a number of Belstaff items (under the current owners, Labelux) and the zippers seem quite substantial to me. I haven't had any problems so far.
I also got mine at Sherway and it was the last one. I don't think they carry Belstaff at the downtown location.
That's a good score! It is on sale currently on the Belstaff website for $278 USD, so you did good! I picked up the Leighwood in black waxed cotton myself over the weekend.
PSA: Canada Goose Canyon Shell Jacket for Women on sale at Holt Renfrew Sherway Mall for $169 down from $595. Oh, and there's also an extra 20% off!!!! Insane deal, right? It only applies to the CG Canyon Shell for ladies in red and blue though. There were several jackets still hanging on the rack as of yesterday afternoon, mostly large sizes left. I was lucky enough to snag an XS for my mom. Check it out if you are in the area, and if you want to get something for...
They are $765 plus tax. They retail for $2550.
The Samuelsohn for Saks stuff was only on sale online. In all honesty, I didn't see any Samuelsohn tailored pieces at the downtown Saks store.
I swung by the downtown Saks around 2 PM, but didn't really find anything noteworthy and the tailored clothing stock in size 38 or 40 was fairly slim. The rebranded RLBL sale stuff was still at 70% off (which is pretty darn good to be honest), and most of the other items didn't really seem to be discounted all that much further, however most of it could have sold earlier in the morning when the store opened.
The first link is to all the Saks Collection items, some of which are by Samuelsohn.The second link is to a blue Samuelsohn blazer for $340 CAD, for example, and they have it in size 40! Final sale, of...
PSA: Samuelsohn for Saks is now discounted by another 15% (online only). Sports coats for as low as $340 CAD, and suits for as low as $470 CAD. I think Saks covers the duties on anything over $100 shipped to Canada, but double check the website to be sure.
I honestly don't know. I've never looked at the Samuelsohn stuff here at the Saks in TO, so I have no idea what the retail price is. I'm only aware of the prices for the Samuelsohn Performance line of products that they have over at the Bay and they're priced only slightly above $1K.
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