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It looks legit based on the handwork that I can make out in the photos. It is quite old though.
What's going on is that Zegna owns many different factories in different countries and you have to remember that things are produced in almost like an assembly line fashion. There isn't one person who works on one garment the whole way through.
It was probably Massimo Dutti....a sister company of Zara.
I called and Paul isn't in today. The guy I spoke to in the suiting dept. had no idea what I was talking about. I was really hoping to get my hands on the champagne zegna suit (or suits if they have both 38R and 40R) for a wedding.
I wonder if the idiots in their legal department would go after larger companies like Brooks running shoes, for example, or do they just pick on the little guys who rarely have the means to afford legal representation.
I also will not be able to attend, unfortunately. I hope everyone has a wonderful time though. Please post pics!!!
Oh man....I was just looking at this suit today at the downtown Marshalls. I'm glad you nabbed it though.
I didn't see my size, unfortunately, but I didn't ask either because I was going to wait for an extra 20% off in the future so that I could get two pairs. Oh well.....thanks for letting us know, by the way.
Ralph Lauren Purple Label Suit...brand new with tags and baste stitching still intact. 11+ years and counting. I really should sell it.
Nice haul! What sizes of sportcoats did they have left - anything in the 38R or 40R range, or mostly larger sizes? Were the prices for the Zegnas and Armani good?
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