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Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy use the report button; and don't quote the spam so that it is preserved after the OP is banned..... ok-how do i do that?
It is unlikely that the breakup of the aircraft would rip your body apart, but thankfully you would pass out from hypoxia at 35K in a few seconds. As for the water, it will probably break you apart when you hit, but a few have survived. "Think of others who have gone before you. Think of Vesna Vulovic, a flight attendant who in 1972 fell 33,000 feet in the tail of an exploded DC-9 jetliner; she landed in snow and lived. Vesna knew about molecules. Think of Joe Hermann...
I had a hard time finding someone with good tailoring ability, who would fully canvas the suit and had decent fabric. In the end I saved my money and bought a Chan when I got home.
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Great shoes, mind a closeup picture of the soles? I will take a bunch more photos tonight.
SF Member Price added
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Don't know whether those are right or wrong...just know that they make my eyes bleed. Those need a pilgrim's hat and a blunderbuss to go with
Standing by for the revelation
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