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Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD ^^^ Frans Boone (The first series of pictures is collected from the website and the weblog.) Outside Frans Boone in front of his shop. Inside How is there a store like this in Zeeland and when do the sales start?
Born, raised and lived in NY for a year after college before moving away and though there would be some downsides, I would have to go with Nashville. A $300K house in Nashville is a $1M house on Long Island and lord knows how much in midtown ($3M?). You can't buy a $1M house on a $100K paycheck.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty It works everytime. Don't have one? This time of year (Halloween) you can get them cheaper than paying for a speeding ticket. Not always. I wear something like that at work and it doesn't always get you out of tickets. especially towns that are used to military; Norfolk, Fayetteville, Camp Lejeune, etc.
You sure that you don't want to bring a lawyer. Depending on your state, 99 in a 65 can be a pretty big deal. I think a few hours of a lawyer's time will actually be less than the fine and insurance increase you will pay for 34 over the limit.
Campmor and Cabelas have inexpensive polarized sunglasses, but I have to agree that Maui Jim are head and shoulders above all others. I have worn them extensively in desert locations and wont ever buy anything else.
I like them-how long did they take to make and how much?
Anyone know who the girl in the pool with Vince was? Very nice!
The Who's 25 May 1978 performance of Won't Get Fooled Again at Shepperton Film Studios for the Kids are Alright. It was the last song that Keith Moon performed with them and if you've seen the movie, pretty fcking awesome!
Any idea who in Italy is making the Bridle Hide accessories?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dib I've been there 3 or 4 times over the past few years and thought it was quite good. Outlet malls by their nature tend to be hit and miss (and an exercise in not buying something simply because it is reduced), but I have found some good buys in Bicester. I prefer it to the outlet mall in Swindon (which is the only other outlet mall I have been to in the UK). Am traveling to London next month. Is it worth a visit?
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