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Anyone know who the girl in the pool with Vince was? Very nice!
The Who's 25 May 1978 performance of Won't Get Fooled Again at Shepperton Film Studios for the Kids are Alright. It was the last song that Keith Moon performed with them and if you've seen the movie, pretty fcking awesome!
Any idea who in Italy is making the Bridle Hide accessories?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dib I've been there 3 or 4 times over the past few years and thought it was quite good. Outlet malls by their nature tend to be hit and miss (and an exercise in not buying something simply because it is reduced), but I have found some good buys in Bicester. I prefer it to the outlet mall in Swindon (which is the only other outlet mall I have been to in the UK). Am traveling to London next month. Is it worth a visit?
A charcoal BB suit. Was looking for a staple and after my two Chan suits, was just underwhelmed. A seersucker BB suit. Not sure what I was thinking.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie there is a church turned dance/possibly strip club in OKC. I was bewildered, when i drove past one day and realized they'd painted the stained glass windows black. its always strange to me when a church becomes so literally a den of iniquity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Limelight
Quote: Originally Posted by StopPolloition No, plastic/hard rubber is perfectly acceptable. I use these on most of my shoes since I wear heavily at the toe. +1
ZOMBIE THREAD Thanks for all of the great advice. I ended up getting an older BMW wagon over here. Really happy that I didn't bring the Landcruiser every time I fill up the car (which still makes my eyes water)
Quote: Originally Posted by UFN Yes, but is that good or bad? /U. If you're the one bespeaking the "unique" garment, it's good.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy see the red triangle under your name? that's the report post button. click on it if you see spam. (that is, if you see a spammer, click on that button under their name, not the button under your name). as for not quoting the spam, you can go back and edit your posts. thanks-will do
New Posts  All Forums: