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Does anyone know if Oldhat in England has a website?
Quote: I have never owned Prada or Gucci shoes, so can't comment from experience, but the consensus in these fora is that they are not good value for money. Those I have examined do not look very durable, either. I realize that as a young guy you probably like the "fashion forward" looks of these shoes. However, if you buy good-quality, conservative dress shoes from a reputable maker like Alden, Grenson, A-E, etc., they will last you a good many years with...
I met Patrick in DC during his last visit and went back in forth about having them bring the suit back with them for a fitting but let them do the MTM and send it to me. Now I think I will ask them to baste something together before their next visit and then bring it along for a fitting. Will let everyone know how my suit looks when it arrives.
Any word from Chan yet? I am waiting on a suit and am now officially concerned about what it might look like.
I have only ordered from Jantzen twice, but I think your level of satisfaction is dependent on your expectations. My first order took two months to be done and I didn't receive an email confirmation. I called three times to check on my progress and each time I called, Ricky answered and looked up my info. No voicemail, no "I'll call you back". When my shirt arrived, I think it fit well for a first shirt and I have ordered again. The reason that you don't get things like...
Roetzel's book was originally published in German and then translated into English. He has continued to write books for the German market, but there hasn't been one translated since. I really like his book. I enjoy the photos and think that there is good information inside. Like every author, Roetzel has his prejudices, but it is clearly an informative guide.
[quote] Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC,April 21 2005,11:04 3) A very very good haircut is important. It is possible to get a very good haircut for $20-$25 even in NYC. To get an 'excellent' haircut one would need to pay substantially more, and one needs to weigh whether it is worth paying the difference. It is very likely one can end up with a bad haircut even when paying lots of money. Since this is an area not often discussed, what do you...
Quote: maxnharry, when did you submit the order for the shirt you just got? i've had an order in since november 7, and still not a word from them. I submitted my order on 2 February. I have called on two occasions. As long as you do it during normal business hours you will get Ricky. He can look your order up and give you a guesstimate when it will finish. As far as the shirt goes, I am very happy with it. It is my first MTM shirt and I think he did...
It's not just you.
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