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Great looking suit! One of the better Chan's I've seen.
So glad the board is back and a backup scheme is in place. I enjoy AAAC but really like it here as well. Thanks J!
Quote: Quote: (medwards @ May 24 2005,09:02) I currently carry a Swaine Adeney document case.  The image can be found here: http://swaineadeneybrigg.net/product_detail.asp?id=42 So do I -- in black.  IF, and that's IF, you think you will want to have the same bag for the next 20 years and that you won't forget it or get tired of it, it's a good investment.  I got mine from englishhall.com, but with prices rising and the exchange...
I just got my second shirt and it took 5 weeks from order to delivery in the US.
Quote: What material are the taps made of?  Rubber, steel, etc? I got the black hard plastic taps that Kabert mentioned. It took my cobbler about 5 minutes to put them on and cost $8
I just had some put on a pair of Green's. They nail them on.
Does anyone know if Oldhat in England has a website?
Quote: I have never owned Prada or Gucci shoes, so can't comment from experience, but the consensus in these fora is that they are not good value for money. Those I have examined do not look very durable, either. I realize that as a young guy you probably like the "fashion forward" looks of these shoes. However, if you buy good-quality, conservative dress shoes from a reputable maker like Alden, Grenson, A-E, etc., they will last you a good many years with...
I met Patrick in DC during his last visit and went back in forth about having them bring the suit back with them for a fitting but let them do the MTM and send it to me. Now I think I will ask them to baste something together before their next visit and then bring it along for a fitting. Will let everyone know how my suit looks when it arrives.
Any word from Chan yet? I am waiting on a suit and am now officially concerned about what it might look like.
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