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I think you would have to wait for the summer sale to get that kind of price. I'm not sure how time critical things, but if you are looking for a simple suit to show them you're a down to earth guy during the interview and then bring out the heavy artillery, you might want to check out Jos A Banks. If you want a classic american cut their signatures are pretty decent and they also have their new double vented line. I know a couple of guys in the government who wear them...
Quote: Originally Posted by water I placed an order on 14 Feb and made one addition to that order on 18 Feb. I am still waiting... You dropped your order during their New Year break. The days right up to Chinese New Year and right after are the heaviest for Ricky and the hardest time to get shirts quickly. I would give a call to make sure that there is no problem with the order.
I used Fiebings leather dye for the color. Have thought about stripping the polish and then trying one more coat. They do look better in person. Wore them out one night and got lots of compliments.
Before the crash we were all following Sysdoc's shoe bleaching project. I had a pair of black EG Dovers that I wanted to turn navy blue. Well here they are. They bleached well but the navy application is mixed. Any suggestions to improve the color are greatly appreciated.
I am a Chan customer, having purchased one suit, two pairs of trousers and a shirt from them and am happy with the level of service that they provide. Most men have almost nonexistent knowledge about clothing and styling. They buy whatever the department stores offer. The tailors in HK that cater to tourists take advantage of that. They know that most don't know fusing from canvas and all the other details that we have come to understand through SF, AAAC and LL. The...
cordings and new and lingwood are the most popular retailers of this kind of coat. pakeman also has it. it is a covert coat.
Great looking suit! One of the better Chan's I've seen.
So glad the board is back and a backup scheme is in place. I enjoy AAAC but really like it here as well. Thanks J!
Quote: Quote: (medwards @ May 24 2005,09:02) I currently carry a Swaine Adeney document case.  The image can be found here: So do I -- in black.  IF, and that's IF, you think you will want to have the same bag for the next 20 years and that you won't forget it or get tired of it, it's a good investment.  I got mine from, but with prices rising and the exchange...
I just got my second shirt and it took 5 weeks from order to delivery in the US.
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