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Any ideas on how to hunt for vintage Polo on eBay, beside the obvious "vintage polo" search.
Quote: Originally Posted by hws They are stupid not to put the informations of the models on their web site! I am not so sure. I suspect 99% of men who buy Oxxford do so at B&M stores.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba This is the 'jersey shore kid' of finance, is this a Halloween costume? He needs a belt to complete his get up
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD ^^^ Frans Boone (The first series of pictures is collected from the website and the weblog.) Outside Frans Boone in front of his shop. Inside How is there a store like this in Zeeland and when do the sales start?
Born, raised and lived in NY for a year after college before moving away and though there would be some downsides, I would have to go with Nashville. A $300K house in Nashville is a $1M house on Long Island and lord knows how much in midtown ($3M?). You can't buy a $1M house on a $100K paycheck.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty It works everytime. Don't have one? This time of year (Halloween) you can get them cheaper than paying for a speeding ticket. Not always. I wear something like that at work and it doesn't always get you out of tickets. especially towns that are used to military; Norfolk, Fayetteville, Camp Lejeune, etc.
You sure that you don't want to bring a lawyer. Depending on your state, 99 in a 65 can be a pretty big deal. I think a few hours of a lawyer's time will actually be less than the fine and insurance increase you will pay for 34 over the limit.
Campmor and Cabelas have inexpensive polarized sunglasses, but I have to agree that Maui Jim are head and shoulders above all others. I have worn them extensively in desert locations and wont ever buy anything else.
I like them-how long did they take to make and how much?
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