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Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry I don't know of any place where they offer to sell you a seperate pair of pants when you buy OTR suits. I guess if you buy suit seperates, you can buy an extra pair of pants. Yes-no one does this anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by dunks94 love your blog, free bump! +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat Does anyone know the reason why French postal costs to USA is so much higher than British postal costs to USA for an identical item? In fact, if we talk about international shipping, I find British rates even more reasonable than American rates to overseas destinations. My understanding is that the British Postal Service has been split into a package delivery branch (which is profitable and quick) and a...
Not sure how old you are-you should take a look at Oxxford too. Style is conservative, but the suits are unmatched for quality and the name is pretty unknown.
I was just in Ralph Lauren on New Bond Street and they have quite a few Polo mainline suits on sale of your price.
I have used a used car broker a couple of times and saved a TON of money. Despite appearances from the outside, the used car pricing is well known to insiders. One large company, Manheim, controls many of the auctions and has a computerized pricing system. If you can find a broker, he will deal with the auction directly and find you THE car you want. I specified a year, make, model, color and leather and he found the car in three days. i paid the auction price plus...
need a proxy from Italy to Belgium. Please PM if interested. Thx!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick V. Yes I use these in late fall through early spring in NYC. #132 Montagna® Block Unit Sole The sole that conquered Mt. Everest remains the quality soling choice for rugged outdoor wear.
Is Franco's the only stockist? They still don't seem to have any in stock and I am close to running out. Anyone had any luck buying directly from the maker in Italy?
Ricky at Jantzen also does suits if you are in Hong Kong. Not sure of the price or how they compare to Chan.
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