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need a proxy from Italy to Belgium. Please PM if interested. Thx!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick V. Yes I use these in late fall through early spring in NYC. #132 Montagna® Block Unit Sole The sole that conquered Mt. Everest remains the quality soling choice for rugged outdoor wear. http://www.compohio.net/eBay/132a.JPG
Is Franco's the only stockist? They still don't seem to have any in stock and I am close to running out. Anyone had any luck buying directly from the maker in Italy?
Ricky at Jantzen also does suits if you are in Hong Kong. Not sure of the price or how they compare to Chan.
I have a 1997 528i and have spent almost nothing on it except for brakes, oil, etc. I am getting ready to replace the clutch and at $2000. It will be my largest expense on the car. The key with BMWs is either a good independent mechanic or doing the wrenching yourself.
I just tried this too this week and also think I need more fat next. I used a chuck roast that was too trimmed. The meat was delicious but dry.
I think they are fantastic cars in spite of the VW on the grille. If you check some of the online forums you will see that they are pretty reliable, but certain kinds of repairs can be very expensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker The one on Champs Elysses is teh shit. Wine, liquor, cheese (bountiful, beautiful cheese), clothes for your kid, unusual personal hygeine products, a pharmacy... what more could you want? Beats the hell out of Target IMO Sweet! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I LOVE MonoPrix.... its the best store in Paris. Seriously. Is there a best Monoprix location?
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Hmm... I recommend the two large department stores in Paris: The BHV (not particularly cheap but it sells everything you could imagine on 6 floors), or else Le Roi Merlin (which has more of a do-it-yourself vibe). BHV looks like the place! Thanks. Which location do you recommend?
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