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Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Surely way over the top for a daytime wedding which I assume it is? This borders on costume - surely there visa more appropriate formal day dress? First, the tradition in the Navy is that the uniform of the day for a wedding is whatever your bride wants it to be. The uniform you linked to is not our full dress, but our winter mess dress and usually worn for evening social events like an evening wedding, ball,...
Shameless plug for a Glenroyal bridle briefcase I am selling on eBay. Free S&H for SF members.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Your problem is that you buy cheap stuff. Go Hermes. Then you'd know you've just got the BEST. And when whatever happens that you don't like, you'd know that it's just the way the leather/glove is supposed to do. DONE. Will they actually sell the gloves to someone or will someone (not Mafoofan) have to tell us the secret word?
It's a mixed bag. Some companies prefer IT management with MBAs and some prefer folks with the right kind of experience. I would go for the masters. Along with that you need to be adding skills and experience to your resume. Try to get involved with different things where you work. We're doing a big ITIL push and younger guys are making a name for themselves by volunteering to be process owners and leading process teams. Good luck!
"In Marge We Trust"
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit So... what do you play? P.S. Anybody have any Gretsch experience? I've never really played one but I'm dying for an Anniversary Jr (Jack White is becoming far too much of an influence). I have a 5120 but don't play it very much. I can get an equivalent tone out of my tele and don't like the feel of the Gretsch body. You should go play one.
Quote: Originally Posted by xinu98 Hi - Filene's Basements has a number of Oxxford suits (Mason) for $999 less 20%. Is this a good price for this suit? Is this the best quality suit one can hope to find there? Thanks! Yes, that's a good price. Oxxford is regarded as one of the top 1 or 2 RTW makers. Not everyone loves the cut, but if you do, that's a solid deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Star I am PM and recently got the Prince2 certification. Certification gives you a framework to operate under when managing a project but if that is all you are relying on then you are in trouble. In a Project Management role you will find all sorts of people, interests, hidden agendas, knives and daggers and things that come out of the blue. In some respect it is like herding cats! Prince2 and PMBOK will not teach you how...
I am still a Crema Alpina/Crema Nubiana fan and lucky enough to have a source. I wouldn't bring any mink oil within 20ft of a pair of good shoes.
I've got some things on the Bay right now. Ending next Sunday. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have questions: 1. Brooks Brothers Trench Coat w/ Liner 44L 2. Crockett & Jones for Polo Brown Double Monk 11 3. Crockett & Jones for Polo Black Boots 11 4. Brooks Brothers Seersucker...
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