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Have you test driven them both?
I havent lived there in a while, but don't remember much in the way of tailoring beyond local dry cleaners/alteration shops. Pants finishing should be within the reach of anyone there, but not so sure about jacket altering.
I have a pair of black Grenson Paul Stuart captoes that are indistinguishable from my EGs.
^This Edward Green makes a fantastic shoe, but the differences between them and AE arent directly proportional to the price difference. I would second you taking a look at Crockett and Jones or Grenson as an intermediate step.
I miss that guy!
I think I would return them
I am assuming its NPS, and if so, the clothes you've listed are perfect. Most of your peers will be in dockers and a shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Maybe there's a similar rule for the Navy to allow wearing bals? If that's possible, I think a balmoral would be more preferable to a blucher. I was best man (civilian) at my friend's naval wedding. Are you going to do the sword arch—and slap the bride across the butt after she passes with one of the swords? Cause that's what happened at that wedding and it was pretty great. Also, I have seen Top Gun over a dozen...
Quote: Originally Posted by naviator It will be an evening wedding, which is why we decided to go that route. And you sir are correct on that full-dress distinction. Full dress would likely be appropriate for a morning event, I think. The option I linked to though is the "formal dress", which is the white tie variant of dinner dress. It uses a different shirt, and has a vest instead of a cummerbund. I'll actually still be using the black bow...
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