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Yup-my bad. Thanks!
Yes - You are correct. They are owned by Bushnell. Not sure why I thought Lux. Anyway - they are great glasses. Maui Jim is great too, but I prefer the Serengetis for driving.
I think they're great-but also owned by Luxottica.
This coat is based on a Navy Officer's Bridge Coat. They are normally made of melton wool and not cashmere. You can find the melton ones on ebay and elsewhere for under $200. They are exceptionally warm coats and you can replace the brass buttons if you don't like them.
Jesse - great looking suit. Where did you find it?
Zombie Post!Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes was awarded the Legion in "The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez" and the re-imagined BBC series has edged the lapel buttonhole on his overcoat with red thread in a manner similar to the way Legion recipients do.
I agree with this^I've never been a big AE fan, though there are many here. My first pair of black dress shoes was a pair of NIB Grensons from Paul Stuart that I found on eBay.
The Strand looks like a dressier shoe. Also don't know what a Grenson made in India is like. I have 3 pairs of Grensons made in Northampton and they are excellent shoes.
I guess I would ask where. Winter in California, sure. Winter in Chicago, probably not.
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