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LOL, wtf
Probably going to regret letting these go, but want to try the Hawthorne, and need to adhere to my purge rule. Just had some grippy half soles added a couple weeks ago and they're now a formidable foul weather boot that's developing a really nice patina!. Just added a coat of Obenauf's LP a few weeks ago as well. Also included are the original darker laces.
These have wear, but are still in good shape. The Sand is definitely suede, but the Taupe is a rougher texture, more like rough leather. $40 PER pair shipped CONUS
Brand new. Bought these and some 31's which fit me better. They look more black in pics, but are actually dark blue, with a slight greenish tint. Very light denim; great for summer. 92% cotton, 6% poly, 2% spandex. Retail $150. Measurements: Waist-30.5", Rise-9 7/8", Thigh-10.75", Knee-8", Hem-7.75"
Hey guys, I have a NWT Langham jacket from last season, thinsulate lined, brown corduroy trim, in navy/grey wool plaid. Had to go with the medium since this was too tight in the shoulders and this has been sitting in the closet since last winter. 12/9/11 drop $135 shipped/CONUS Measurements: S/S 17.5 P/P 21 W 20.5 Sleeve 25.5 Back 29
Quote: Originally Posted by jakekrait Quilt DR fit pic: Holy fucking genetics. I don't check this thread for a couple weeks and Drew's pimpin' out runway models now.
Quote: Originally Posted by escheriff Jeans, dress shirt with spread collar, Ferragamo loafers. Tuck your damn shirt in if you're over 25. Men's Clothing regulars need to be banned from SW&D with their loafers and their shirts tucked into their hugo boss and lucky bootcuts, hiked up to their fucking man boobs.
Post a pic b4 you go.
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