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Look, Spain's in serious trouble and this is no time to quibble. This article is some months old, now unemployment is around 20-22% Everybody, buy Carminas now to save Spain! In another article from day before yesterday I read that China has agreed to underwrite massive quantities of Spain's debt. If we wait a year to buy Carminas- they may be Cantoninas. El paro alcanza los 4,13 millones, el 17,9% de la población, pese al Plan E El paro subió en 126.700 personas en el...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche It's still unfair to compare non-SF market value to SF market value. Plus you can almost never find high demand shoes in EG/Lobbs in common sizes on SF let alone at SF market value. I don't know what you call "high demand" or "common sizes", but I've got a new pair of EG boots in dark brown suede in 9 UK/ 9.5 US F width and a new pair of bluchers in burnt pine 9.5 UK / 10 US E width right now. I think that...
Consolidation and 5% price drops 12/5/2011 on Caruso 3pc, Cucinelli jeans, Zegna jeans
Great stuff, credit to SF. This guy obviously has the keys to the kingdom for the big boys.
I wish to drop prices on: the Caruso solid grey 3 pc suit from $688- -$650 shipped Zegna Jeans $150--$130 shipped These drops applied on Jan 1, 2011 Thankyou mods. Is there any way to edit a thread to indicate price drops once the edit option is removed?
r_fine and wicky are honest and trustworthy buyers.
$drop on solid grey caruso 12/19/2010
Quote: Originally Posted by mta265 That suit looks awesome --- but would probably fit a 36R better, or a very very slim 38R... damn the super slim Gregory cut +++++! Damn ! Why don't they (at Isaia) just call it 36 ? Beautiful suit though.
Caruso chalkstrip added 12/18/2010
Sorry about photo problems NIB Edward Green Black Cadogans 9.5/10 F. Gorgeous 1st quality unworn semi-brogues put the E G in ELEGANCE ! Highest quality as we expect from the Nabobs of Northampton. Original Box and Bags included. Dimensions: Length 30.5 cm/ 12 in width 11 cm/ 4.33 in Price: $689--$654 shipped [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG] [IMG] Uploaded with...
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