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New with Tags Cucinelli $425 cotton pants ALL SOLD New with Tags $ 850- $ 1000 Cucinelli 100% cashmere sweaters My price rollnecks: $199 shipped crewneck: $219 shipped Cotton cargo travel pants style: 95P2682 777 ivory white size 34/50 total length 44.8in/ 114cm unhemmed hem width 19cm/7.5in SOLD Cotton travel pants style: U972672 777 ivory white re-inforced knee size 34/50 total length 114cm/44.8in unhemmed hem width ...
Sold Bitchez
Maybe he was saying that starting next year trickers will NOT be making shoes for Cucinelli, becuase I remember some comment about how sad to see Trickers in such a jam. I was really concentrating on the 25 cashmeres and leather jackets he had to sell and after seeing on SF the dumping of BC at outlets in the States I'm glad I passed on the "major coup" strategy and kept my purchases personal.
This may be old news for many of you fashionistas, but I heard this weekend from a Cucinelli rep that next year Brunello will have a line of shoes made by Trickers. Anyone else heard the same or different. Apparently, like Church and Prada before another ailing English mfgr is being kept alive by those "lazy Italians."
Great quality in all these products. Wish it were my size. I notice how popular the high quality of Italian design and finish is on this site and yet, there pops up from time to time some dig at Italian Postal System or other Italian organizations. Makes me think of the T-shirts I saw after the 4th or 5th consecutive Ferrari F1 championship: " ANOTHER WORLD TITLE BROUGHT TO YOU BY THOSE LAZY ITALIANS "
$ Drop
Price Drop. Ignore "pm sent" - du temps perdu / time lost
Thanks ragdoll and it's S O L D .
I can get a couple of very elegant suits for the big guys out there: These are NWT 1st quality RLPL/ St. Andrews Size 48/58 handmade double-breasted suits in solid navy and another in grey nailshead. Classic six-button double-breast closure, peak lapels, dual rear vents, extremely fine cloth in year-round weights, which really drape beautifully. The side pockets are sewn in at a rakish angle (a little like a hacking jacket). Very elegant and cool- wish they had them in...
New Posts  All Forums: