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Nice bag, another great product from the Caliph of Cashmere, the Nabob of knitwear and the Sultan of Solomeo. Damn you Brunello, you...like Tom Petty, are one baaaaadasssss who have made the whole friggin' world your bitch !
That suede coat is perturbing my wakeful hours. You say NWT, but I didn't actually see the tag. Is it new and unworn?
Another (possible final) drop
Oooooh, wish you had put Cucinelli suit in the title, maybe I would have found it before it was sold.
If you have 2 more pairs , one in black and one burnt pine I trade you the Cucinelli weekender for all three , even deal.
FOR SALE for New Cantarelli 90% wool / 10% cashmere (feels very nice- like higher cashmere content) navy double-breasted overcoat. Made in Italy. Good length, fine detaili SOLD Measurements: Shoulders 18.8 in Length BOC 40.5 in sleeves 25.5 in pit to pit 22.8 in
$$ 200 Drop On Mouton/cashmere Jacket
Price Drop
New with tags Brunello Cucinelli caramel coloured leather weekender bag, which as following references attest sold in for 3295 dollars in Canada or about $ 3108 in the US. That is in line with the £1900 price found in Digital Exec article sited in the IC thread. It was not easy to find, the bag is quite rare- try looking yourself, Barneys-no, Bergdorfs-no, Needless Markup-No , Saks -nada ...but on page 13 of catalog at following site is the very same bag at Harry Rosen:...
Quote: Originally Posted by lpresq Congratulations! You managed to use 9 commas and 1 hyphen in a single run-on sentence. O'Keefe did not stand before the class to lecture as did the other professors, preferring to remain seated behind his desk in the corner, hidden by a shroud of smoke from his chain of cigarettes. "Grammar will be of little use to you in this classroom boys, in fact you'll find it a goddam nuisance." That was the...
New Posts  All Forums: