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7/4/2010 New Drops
6/28/2010 new price drop on Etro suit.
6/26/2010 price drop on Caruso.
And now your moment of Zen ..., This is a Caruso formal piece bought 3 years ago in Spain. Note how the mfg's tag is identical to the one on the sportcoat. I think this is where John Stewart yells "BOOM" ! By the way, I'm watching Italy in the worldcup match today with my friend Bruno, Caruso rep for all of the Piedmont Region of Italy- shall I say hello for you? Oh Pocket, I live for moments like this, thanks. By the way $drops on price of Etro suit
Price drop on Caruso 19/6/2010
Nice looking, great colour,a little big for me, but a great look- can attest that this winter was very big here in Italy. Some 42 should jump this.
New Caruso 100% Loro Piana Cashmere, stunning spring-early fall sportcoat with incredibly soft hand features ticket pocket, real Bemberg full lining, handmade quality throughout this "sample" coat ("campionario" Italian for sample) All pockets still sewn shut. Very best Caruso quality- real horn buttons, great 3 to 2 roll, kissing sleeve buttons, high lapel notches and button stance, double vents. Note: as sample there is no Caruso tag inside other than the size and mfg...
I have a thread or post I wish to cancel. I suppose it has been around past some expiration date and there is no longer an "edit" option to the original post. I sold one coat in the post which I'd like to indicate and feature the other coat in the title or just make a new thread. So how do I cancel this m£/&""$ì&&kr ?
Jumping Jehosaphat!! Would you please grow your feet another 1.5 sizes. How do you remain upright on such a small base? Lovely shoes. Let's see.. if I remove the first two toes...
Quote: Originally Posted by chenc Will you consider trade? I have some boxers in like-new condition. +1, you wag. BTW, thinkin' 'bout takin' the family to the Gulf Coast this year with prices down and all. I was wonderin' whether you know how these would hold up in a petroleum plume??
New Posts  All Forums: