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Now hear this, now hear this... this is the captain speaking: I got the bag ... and holy Silvio santo subito ! this is one Berlusconi of a bag! This stunning Cucinelli leather travelbag features 3 zippers opening 1 central main compartment and 2 lateral accessory ones, leather handles and two cinch belts. Brunello Cucinelli is engraved or stamped in the front leather panel and also on the belt buckles (tried to photograph both). This has been done...
Big price drop on only remaining Brioni sportcoat to celebrate great Cucinelli salesday yesterday. Thanks to all buyers!
There then; how then? what then? Let me see wherein My tongue hath wrong'd him: if it do him right, Then he hath wrong'd himself; if he be free, Why, then my taxing like a wild-goose flies, unc laim'd of any man.
Criticism taken to heart and text clarified, hopefully. Hold on 48/38 Blazer is over and so it's open to all comers. Curious to know literacy level out there. Please answer following multichoice quiz: Proust: a) Russian town on the river Volga b) Hungarian word for sound made when nude sunbather rises from plastic lounge-chair c) Danish sex toy d) French author on whom you can loose spare time reading how he spared lost time.
I'm sorry, it may help you to read what is written. If you can't do that, sue the local school system. As a start there are 2 kinds of sweaters for sale, 1 crew neck (short neck band) size 44 US/ 54 EU and 2 roll-neck or turtle-neck sweaters (higher neck band) sizes 44/54 and 46/56. I opined that the sizes are actually smaller than the marked size indicates. Then there are 2 deerskin blazers (the pictures of the objects with buttons, dear). These come in 38/48 and...
Added Blazers 1/29
I've 2 natural or light tan Cucinelli sueded Deerskin sportcoats, new with tags. These feature ticket pockets, dual rear vents and 3 buttons. Light in weight, these will look and feel great this spring. I really meant to keep the 48, but if the interest is very strong, may part with it. Sizes are 48/38 and 52/42 Retail in Italy is € 1700 euros or $ 2380 dollars My price : $ 999 for the 52/42 and $1099 for the 48/38 shipped EU or US , more exotic places pm for...
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