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pm'd for dark oak eg chelsea 10.5.
I wrote you first about the 10-10.5 captoes by EG which you said you would hold until you sent me a length measurement - which I think was very generous . The length measurement you sent was 13 inches, which must be wrong given that 9.5-10 EG's are around 12 in. long and given the measurements on size 11.5-12 EG captoes on sale here on Styleforum were stated as: Used Edward Green "Berkeley" in rich dark oak: 11.5/12 D 202 last; external measurements are approximately 12...
Drop on Burberry 8/18/ 2010
8/14/ 2010 drop on Burberry coat
8/9/2010 Drop on Caruso formal wear
Price drop and new stuff added.
I wish to register interest- pics and dimensions s' il Vous plait.
It can be more complicated than the first guys seem to think. At least when shipping to the U.S. from abroad, your package, if the declared value is high enough, will be examined by customs and the buyer will be notified of the customs tax. If he refuses to pay YOU, THE SELLER, WILL BE CHARGED 1) original customs fee + 2) if you decide to have article returned to you, you pay shipping + CUSTOMS IN COUNTRY OF ORIGIN for the re-entry of the product OR 3) you decide not to...
Is there a crescent shaped stain or mark on the left side of the lambskin blazer just in front of the side pocket and below the seam between the top and lower panels?. Maybe it is something in the leather itself, but seems to merit an explanation as it is visible in the photos. REMEMBER TO GIVE ANSWERS IN THE TEXT OF YOUR OFFER AND NOT IN AN ADDED REPLY TO AVOID BANNING FOR AN AUTO-BUMP.
I,ve got a New in Box pair of EG Banbury's 9 (UK)-9.5 (US) width F (norm-wide) in the dark brown suede I had intended to keep, but- hey it's a euro crisis over here and I'm house shopping. They will be far less than in the shops, but far more than give-away. Pm me with your budget and we'll see.
New Posts  All Forums: