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pm'd. If you'll send paypal money request I'll take it.
Drop Caruso 5/13/2010
Do we all need a few peak lapel suits? I do like it, but seems that they are not as "perennial" as the notched lapel suits. How are they doing back in the USA, do you see a lot of them worn? In Italy I would estimate about 1% of the men are wearing single-breasted peak-lapel suits.
If a thread with one item has been locked, can that item be inserted in another thread with multiple items or can you never sell the item on SF? Can a great Poohbah answer please and not a mere minion, lackey or leccaculo(look it up) who may err on this critical point.
Cucinelli rollneck ncashmere sweaters dropped to $199.
I love it. If you "pm" a thread without buying the seller has to drop the price to add that the article is still available. A great bargaining tool. Hey, you with the $1200 Kiton suit, give to me now for $199, you'll save us both alot of trouble. Brilliant!!
I put shoes on sale, A member writes "I've pm'd" in the thread. The guy never commits to buy. I receive a pm from a member informing me the guy has wasted his time with writing "pm'd" in his threads. I send a quick reply on my thread stating that I will answer all questions and encourage pm's, but ask that members refrain from writing in thread "pm'd" unless they intend to buy, since seeing "pm'd" has a chilling effect on others, who rightfully assume that the article is...
Edward Green style no. 22161 on the 184 last size 9-9.5 in F (wide) width. True dimensions taken on outer soles: length 29.5cm/ 11.6in and width 10.2cm/ 4in. These shoes have been worn 7 or 8 times. The finish is intact and beautiful. The soles and heels have 90-95% of their lifetime left. The interiors are about immaculate with no stains or signs of wear in the front and toe area, gold Edward Green Bootmaker Northampton stamp looks as...
This thread is like "the Highlander" it keeps coming back every 100 years or so. Is there anything left unsold here?
Price drop 4/28/2010 Caruso coat
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