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This thread is like "the Highlander" it keeps coming back every 100 years or so. Is there anything left unsold here?
Price drop 4/28/2010 Caruso coat
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles ISAIA pricing with 40% off assuming pricing is about the same here in the States (at Saks Mainline) vs where PC is approx: Shirts: $250 - $270 Suits $2100 - $2500 SC's: $1500 - $1680 IME, add about 20-30% for Attolini But maybe its better in Southeastern Europe? In Kosovo you can get two Isaias and an Attolini for 1 AK-47 and that's no lie! U sure 'bout dem pricey-ies or polly u...
Oh Tom Ford purveyor, Rocked my muthafukin' world!
Hey, I live in the city, for which these shoes were named... Beavis... huh uh , that's cool, umm Butthead.. Yeah, cool... uh huh. But they are not my size. Nice looking though.
Drops on everything 4/14/2010. Head'em up, move'em out! Rollin', rollin', rollin' Keep them doggies movin', Rawhide! Crrrrack Yiiiihahhhh!
Beautiful shoes, great prices. I'm 9.5 unfortunately.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles oops indeed I did! Shirts: His polos to me are cut too short and his knits are cut even shorter ( with cheap, frayed edges). I don't feel any apparent differences in quality,or styling than say an rlpl polo that would account for the $700 differencE in price. His trousers are cut like Marni: weeds guys like me with any type of muscle mass on out thighs/quads out. The only experience I have with his suits and...
Added re cucinelli 4/4/2010
Great jacket.
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