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Don't bother dividing them up, I'll take the whole lot and save you the trouble! Or 1 and 7.
I decided on these:
Hello all. I'm looking for ideas. I've got a lot of wall-space in my dorm room to cover and I was wondering what you guys had in your rooms back in the day, or even what current college students have on their walls at the moment. Posters? Artwork? Links would be greatly appreciated, too.
tufts '12
Quote: Originally Posted by mcqueen She seems to have a David Spade vibe going on. . By far my favorite response.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor It's really easy to dress well at uni/college because everyone there looks homeless to begin with. My uni wardrobe looks like this: - 2x pairs of selvage jeans (1 black, 1 indigo) - more to come - Short sleeve button downs - various colours and styles, all tapered fit. Some solid colours, others with vertical stripes, a couple with patterns. - Long sleeve button downs - generally makes me look a bit formal for...
Is 16 too young for an 18 year old?
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Spread, as it's what the bride will be doing that evening. loved that. and, I went with the spread, if anyone was still interested.
For a wedding which is more appropriate?
Done properly, the squat can be used to avoid knee injuries...
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