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Oliver Peoples Victory - Sold & Shipped
ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING & PAYPAL FEES. Price listed is what you pay. BoO x Sperry: Black Nylon Boat Boots Sz. 9.5 BNWOT - these just aren't my style. Tried on once and decided they weren't for me. $120 obo Studio D'Artisan SD-103 sz. 31, Original Arcs & Tabs BNWOT - I bought these as a collection piece / investment. Traveling a lot and don't want to worry about mishaps with them. These have never been washed or worn other than trying on once. $300...
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 You don't know that of which you speak, Supreme are great in their own right and have their place in fashion, they may not be your style (not mine either) but thats no reason to discredit them, they're no worse than APC, BoO, J.Crew and any other mid level brands, quit trollin'. You completely missed the point. Completely.
any recs for a fit like the acne mic but something stiffer with good fading properties? Love the fit of these but sometimes I'd like a pair that wasn't quite so dark. I'd prefer to wear them in myself over 6 months or so. I know they'll fade eventually but I'm looking for something higher contrast, perhaps some vertical falling. any of the flatheads fit similarly? Also, is there anywhere to get dior MIJ 21cms online for a non-ridiculous (sub-350) price?
There are a few pics where he has dark black hair. I'm hoping the hk meetup provides something, the suspense is killing me. yardsale took the cake so far as "dude who didn't look at all like I thought he would." Quote: Originally Posted by khoi i dont think he is, i remember seeing some blonde-ish hair behind a smiley face
Quote: Originally Posted by ClassicGarnish scott sternberg wears short sleeve button downs with his jackets. don't ask me how I know that. gq's well dressed rebel. i think it was the first video actually.
Quote: Originally Posted by hamish5178 Both of those looks sound ridiculously boring to me. It is, but how do you make summer styling not boring? layers imo make an outfit exponentially more interesting. Quote: Originally Posted by darkie_one jacket makes it I agree with this as long as everything else fits right. Armani I think said the jacket makes the outfit as well.
Are these weird & ghastly as well?
Not really related to casual wear, but I have been wearing a white BR slim fit button down with barrel cuffs to interviews and I actually think it fits very well. It actually feels slimmer than my h&m button downs, and is by no means boxy. I have a long peacoat from BR as well, however, that does have a boxy fit so I suppose the moral of the story is try their shit on because it's hit and miss.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's I can't remember who did this in the WAYWT threads but they wore orange pants and then balanced it out so it looked really good. I can't remember if he used contrasting colors or complimentary colors to pull it off. I think I remember the pic. PG/eGW (phat guido)
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