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Twin turbo 93'-95' Mazda RX-7.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blog Marley thanks for the feedback scribbles. Staver are you planning on putting up more J. Crew shirts? Specifically the new madras? Yep. More shirts will be in the B&S Sunday/Monday night.
Great fit overall..really like the fit on the pants
Anyone interested in purchasing a $568.71 gift card off of me? I know it's a large amount, but if you are planning having a J. Crew shopping spree with their new releases, this might be a great deal for you! Let me know!
Price reduction
Will sell for $480 or still trade for an Ipad!
Will sell for $500!
Quote: Originally Posted by immaage Hi, I have not receieved a response as to whether or not you have shipped my shirt out yet. It has been several days. Send me your last name (Shipping address) and I will get you confirmation. Steve
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