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anyone know how is Topman's sizing? I wear a true medium in t shirts/sweatshirts & small in button ups/jackets thanks in advance
most of the girls from have a great style i prefer a girl in dresses, leggings, shorts to show of the legs, flats and heels and sneakers once in a blue moon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I was thinking he should take an hour or two a day to work out a screenplay featuring this douche. Somebody'd by that... just a couple more quality stories about em and ill write it
i would take em in his sslp days and nas in his illmatic/iww days but the most consistent hands down andre 3k i have never heard a wack verse from him
after reading your stories you should take an hour or 2 out of your day and set em straight. tell em what he is doing is fucking annoying. it sounds like he just wants to be accepted and not comfortable in his own skin and will do anything to be noticed. show em the proper ways a man should act in public it might work if you havnt tried it yet.
never been with a chick like this and wouldn't mind. getting on her level would make me a batter person in the end.
saw the first season it was dope but missed the 2nd and the 3rd is confusing as shit cant even get back into it.
if you known em for a while he should respect your opinion keep it real with em'
this jean/pant rolling shit needs to die with low tops shoes its ok but with red wing, dessert boots, or clarks looks hella tacky
new collection looks solid and looks even better with that employee discount
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