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What is the rise on the trousers?
Thank you for understanding. It is very common for customers at Isola to eat pizza with a knife and a fork because it is so messy to eat with your hands. If I could eat my pizza with my hands there I definitely would. The knife and the fork etiquette was taught to me by older people from Napoli. I am sure it is less common in Napoli today, as the world is a more casual place. I see more older Neopolitan's using cutlery, than younger ones, and I think using cutlery really...
Great fit. Very elegant.
The name of the establishment is Isola like the red letters in the picture.
Of course I posed for the picture when I asked the bartender to take a shot showcasing a fine pizza. I thought it would make for a nice picture. Eating this kind of pizza is a delicacy for me given the region of the country I am in. I am very grateful to have it, as I rarely travel outside the country anymore. The only difference between this picture and everyday is that I posed with a beautiful pizza from my favorite restaurant in town.
No need for trolling.
My Grandpa from Hungary eats everything with a knife and a fork, including the most generic American Pizza, and I love my grandfather more than anything, but I can't help but have a horrifed look on my face when we are at the mall, and he is eating a Sbarro pizza with a plastic knife and a fork. As stated above, a lot of it is cultural and generational.
I am seated at the bar, not a table.
Exactly. I am in a sit down restaurant serving Napoli style pizza, so a knife and fork is correct.
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