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Not sure where the right place to post this but the user Mic was holding a suit for me. 3 days later I was ready to pay. I have been waiting to pay for 10 days now and he has not appeared to login and has not responded to my messages despite the suit still being up for sale. Is there anything the moderators can do to check on him or assist the situation? I hope he is alright, he seems trustworthy and dependable so there might be a personal issue that has arosen.
Thank you Murlsquirl.
Downtown Los Angeles.
Quitessentially Regal and Timeless. If HRH King George VI was alive and in good health today I am sure he would study and find natural easy in the refinment of your ensemble.
Some phenomenonal looks! Knowing full well I can't compete at that level, the impeccable fits give me greater inspiration to elevate my style. Far better than anything I see in men's fashion publications (including the "boutique" brands).
Hats are more popular now than they have been in more than 50 years. I conceive timeless more with mathematical elegance than to a styles popularity during a certain time. All Golden Ages are golden due to their innovation, elevation, and refinement of the cultural contributions. The style fedora I routinely wear is only 0.0037 away from the Golden Ratio of Beauty. That to me is timeless in of itself.
My submission for the Stars and Stripes Friday challenge.
From a good felter a single beaver felt capeline is around $55. A minimum order is 16. Shipping is around $100 for standard shipping. All capelines are custom order and dyed to specifican which takes around 3-6 months.
Yes, in my eyes they are timeless although stylistically they were all the rage in the mid 1930''s. I have pictures of a British Ambassador in the French Consulate wearing a hat almost identical to these as far back as 1922. In terms of wide spread use the style started to become popular in the mid/late 1920's due to trendsetting British Princes, and became the vogue in the mid 1930's. Even much later they were offered as luxury models and worn by well established...
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