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I understand your point of when is big is too big. There have been hats I have posted in past years that I will gladly admit as to being too big. With that said. You are a gentleman, and I will be happy to agree to disagree.
Yes, proportions and harmony are highly cultural and indictive of a time period.
In regards to top hats, historically many times the opposite of what you said was true. Often the shortest men wore the tallest top hats, which was the whole point of a top hat.
Satorial Vice Squad at Pitti, that's some deep undercover work.
Exactly. Well said & thank you. There were countless styles huge, small, and everything in between, very fashionable in the early part of the war, and especially so before. Although it existed well before the the mid 30's the fedora style I wear hit the mainstream fashion world in 1934. Later in the in late 1940's, but really starting in mass in the mid 1950's the more generic factory styles of fedoras became mainstream. We have been plagued by cookie cutter versions of...
I am not aI would love to kiss some ass, but with all the youtube videos Internal affairs is all tied up. I was a police cadet which is very similar to a police explorer, and worked as a Calfornia Public State Officer, and of course your run of a mill average private security guard. Upon completing police cadets I was recruited by a few local police departments to join the academy which is a regional police academy in San Diego County. I decided to enter into the world of...
Just wait until I get into the flange numbers.
I prefer to no longer have this conversation, as I find it tiresome, and a waste of our time. I have been told countless times to ignore comments relating to this particular subject, although many times the urge to share my knowledge takes over.
Double post.
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