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That is a sound philosophy.
Thank you Sir. I apologize., I accidentally posted it in the wrong thread. I meant to post it in WAYWT.
Bespoke Blue-Gray (100x Beaver) Fedora in 110 Grams from Worth and Worth. I designed the proportions. OTR Midnight Blue Belvest 6x2 Double Breasted Suit, which has a slight iridescence sheen. This Worth & Worth Fedora is by far my favorite hat I have ever had.
You are taller than me by 1 inch. I have a small frame. Being about 126 pounds on 5 9" contributes to a smaller appearance.
Absolute Class, Elegance, and Charm. Phenomenal! One of your best, and one of the best ensembles on this forum. Magnificent!
Such a striking combination! Wow!
Holdfast, that fedora was made in the early 80's, so you are spot on.
An all around charming ensemble. The trousers are a little short for my personal taste, but that width was quite the rage in the late Teens and early 20's and again in the early-mid 60's. I think you certainly cable of Rockin' it today amongst the rest of your more seamless look.
I agree. Thank you.
An instant contemporary classic. You remind Napoli to stay on track and not forget the simplicity of a second skin. Bellissimo!
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