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There are a couple of companies that currently own the rights to the classic "Barbisio" name. Of course this company is one from Italy. This year the hat business has gone through historical changes, which is absolutely splendid news. From Europe to the United States, competition is increasing, quality control is being raised, more options, more styles, and better quality felt will be more accessible to a broader market, than what has been available in many generations. A...
It depends on the felter, because of the quality of the beaver fur felt. Optimo uses 100% Beaver for their 1000 range. Being $1,000 in price. In reality it is not a big profit margin for creating and maintaining that level of quality, time, skill, and upkeep. Optimo uses the same exact felt I use for our 100% Beaver Fur felt, we just offer different colors. The felt comes from Fepsa. Fepsa is the very best felter in the business. In regards to dress bodies of other beaver...
He is trolling. Just ignore him.
Cleav, That tie is so regal, and the attire compliments it very well. Is that a Drakes of London?
I agree.
While AAS has a fit that I feel works for him since it is his own unique calculation, there are just too many pronounced individual pieces combined. Together, they forcefully deconstruct the harmony of the outfit. While the drape is balanced from bottom to top, the mentality is not. The bottom has a simple contemporary understated nature to it, while the waist upwards has every individual article all vying for attention, saying, I represent a country/leisurely gentleman...
When I meet many Turkish people who are visiting California, one of the first things they say in conversation is that I look like Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. I assumed the same would be thought when they were back home. May I ask why you do not wear your homburg in Istanbul? I can understand when in Istanbul do as the Turks do.
Ironic, that is the depiction there, since Ataturk despised the fez, and saw it as a symbol of rotting Ottoman corruption. If I remember correctly I am almost certain he made wearing the fez illegal. He actually created a law requiring all male Turkish citizens to wear western hats (Fedoras, Homburgs, ect..) in order to help create a collective virtue of modernization. I have not been to Turkey. I have made Turkish friends, so all I know is what they tell me, and what I...
Many in Istanbul would see the Homburg as a symbol of Kemmalism or a style of a secular republic. A dangerous thing to be associated with in Turkey under the current Dictator. However, the Homburg would be very popular in America with Turkish people, as many educated and refined Turks are coming here to the states. At least that is my experience.
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