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Blekit, The jacket is a little short for my taste but the suit is phenomenal along with the whole look! You look terrific. Btw the white shirt goes well, and is not too stark for the earth tones. Very smart.
Hello, I have an RLPL suit but the shoulders are too small. They are 15 from seam to seam. I am a 15.5-16 in my natural shoulders so I would like the shoulders to have a 16.5-16.75 width. Is there any way possible to salvage this suit to fit me? Thank you and have a pleasant evening. Kind regards, Tibor
Delightful harmony. You are a scientist in the field of menswear.
Bright and bold as the future. Absolutely smashing.
Here is a shot of the attire in motion.
Dennis, you know how to be creative and lively with restraint and good taste. As always a pleasure my friend.
Thank you. I agree, Double Cuffs would be better.
They are quite worn from so much walking. Specs would be too casual and a summer look, and Spats would be too formal. Also, Spats attach to boots. These are just Allen Edmonds Cap -Toes that have seen most of the city.
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