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Here is a bespoke fedora I recently created for a Gentleman in Texas.
Celebrating Christmas with extended family. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone on Styleforum.
Lovely suit.
Hello, I would like to go as the Rapper Ecstasy from the Rap Group Whodini for a Halloween House Party. May you please help my find a leather hat and leather outfit that would look authentic? Thank you
What is the rise on the trousers?
Thank you for understanding. It is very common for customers at Isola to eat pizza with a knife and a fork because it is so messy to eat with your hands. If I could eat my pizza with my hands there I definitely would. The knife and the fork etiquette was taught to me by older people from Napoli. I am sure it is less common in Napoli today, as the world is a more casual place. I see more older Neopolitan's using cutlery, than younger ones, and I think using cutlery really...
Great fit. Very elegant.
The name of the establishment is Isola like the red letters in the picture.
Of course I posed for the picture when I asked the bartender to take a shot showcasing a fine pizza. I thought it would make for a nice picture. Eating this kind of pizza is a delicacy for me given the region of the country I am in. I am very grateful to have it, as I rarely travel outside the country anymore. The only difference between this picture and everyday is that I posed with a beautiful pizza from my favorite restaurant in town.
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