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Crat, your pocket square pattern combined with the tie print, is one of the best combos I have seen in a very long time. Very stately.
I understand. Thank you.
You are very well put together.
Yes, the pocket square is black, with white polka dots, and white trimmed edges. The suit is a black and white Birdseye Fabric. I figured with a sky blue shirt fabric I could balance the strong blue hue of the grey fedora, against the backdrop of a consuming monochromatic colour palette. The Pink would simply be a means of appeasement between the cooler hues and the monochromatic suit . Also, My shamefully tacky Calvin Klein grey socks (Which were a Hanukkah Present) bare...
EliodA, I can understand how a pink carnation could be viewed as too cavalier.
That's my summer style, A sincere self-expression of the soft and regal nature of gentility. The fedora pictured is a proper fedora. I designed it based on the "Diplomat" and "Ambassador" models from Dunlap & Co. and Stetson. It was made for me by a Hatter in NYC. The Open Crown is 6 inches tall blocked on a #52 block, which upholds the most elegant formality a true fedora can possibly display.
Crat, You have mastered all the nuances. Beautiful colour and texture harmony.
What makes you say so?
Hello Shen, I would love to purchase this suit, but I have to purchase a POW Double Breasted suit first in this coming week. If it is still around in 2-3 weeks, I would love to have this fresh staple in my wardrobe.
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