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Stetson was bought again, as it has been many times over again, however this time the people who bought Stetson once again believe in the standard of quality, style, and heritage of the original Stetson family ownership. The Stetson Family sold the company in the early 70's and Borsalino did a bit later to an insurance company, and thats when the quality really took a dive downwards for almost all hat companies. Even after the early 1950's you can see the quality of hats...
It's my thing.
Thank you. The shoes are a simple pair of Captoe Oxfords.
Wearing my personal fedora hat I designed for my hat company. 100% Canadian Beaver Belly Fur. Of course in the staple Medium Bluish-Grey color, I call Executive Grey. Often reffered to as Ambassador Grey in the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's. In the 1920's it was often reffered to as Army-Grey as it shared a similar shade and bluish hue to the Historic West Point Uniforms.
I do not own one. Thank you for thinking of me though. I would much rather go hatless for life, than ever wear a short crowned small brimmed trilby. That kind of hat I regard as blasphemy to my love of hattery. But everyone has their own personal taste.
Exquisite, from the colors, to the materials, to the fit. Ausgezeichnet!
Let me be the first to say I like this. There is a lot going on, but it is very well thoughtfully executed. The mentality is congruent and balanced from top to bottom. A giant improvement from some of your more experimental approaches. This is you, and you mastered your personal style. Have a Happy Holiday season Sir.
Well Done. I am loving the blue hues harmonizing with the lavender accents. The Solid Royal Navy Blue Suit is top class.
Don't deny Classic Elegance. Morning Dress is the height of classic menswear. To call it a costume, is to call a tailored suit a costume. When the standard falls, everything will fall with. If we don't uphold the timeless elegance of Morning Dress and Evening Dress, society will adapt the jumpsuit, and the "Star Trek" uniformed look much quicker than many care to realize.
New Posts  All Forums: