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Hi everyone. I've finally decided to sell these as I just don't think they're going to get enough use in my current lifestyle. They have only been worn to try them on in a carpeted room. The only issue is that the heel pad (not sure what this is actually called - the thin bit of insole inside the boot around the heel) is unsticking towards the front. I have seen 2 other reports of this on new boots in this style on this forum, so I think it is minor issue affecting all...
MDR NOW SOLD - T3 STILL AVAILABLE. Hi everyone. I have 2 beautiful TOJs for sale here. Each is hardly worn (perhaps 2-3 times), which is why I am selling them. They're both incredible jackets that deserve a good home. Price include postage worldwide and fees... and is for each individual jacket...not both! For reference I am 5'11", 75KG and have a 37.5" chest. Both jackets are approximately size 47/48. Firstly a black lamb MDR. This does have a few scuffs at the bottom...
My bank account says thanks.
Low leather Achilles size 42 are a perfect fit. Size 43 canvas tournament will be too big, right?
Jeans are looking great.. Where's the belt from?
So it is - thanks man. Impossible to find of course but I'll keep an eye out. Plus i just gave up on finding it and ordered one from Our Legacy at 40% from Menlook. Colour is 'steel shine' which looks a bit too silvery in some pics but I hope it will be more olive grey as described by someone on here. Colour seems to vary from this: to this I am anticipating a return.
Did anyone manage to ID this one?
Thanks guys. Not sure I'm sold on the leather laces yet but I definitely like the waxed ones - good to have the choice. Yup, checking local post too (somewhat obsessively) but still in SF as far as they are concerned. I must try to be patient!
Any other international buyers stuck at this stage? Also, looking at the pictures it seems that they come with both leather and waxed cotton(?) laces - is that right?
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