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So then.... any word on a production or despatch date?
Can anyone ID this jacket? Only distinctive feature I can see that might help narrow it down are the leather(?) tassels on both the chest pocket and front zip. Any ideas anyone?
Pin roll?
Well this typical. I spend 2 days trying to identify something before posting a query here and five minutes later I've found out for my self. Acne Roc Jackson.
Does anyone know what cut of Acne jeans these are? From The Corner.
*ahem* yup, the brown goat MDR is indeed a thing of beauty.
I went without the patch for my first brown lamb A2 a couple of years ago and have no regrets but my replacement that is due in a couple of weeks does have the patch so then I'll know what I've been missing. Definitely love the patch on my black CWU/45 but I think the A2 can actually do without, and is probably more versatile (and less casual?) without. Is there any official stance on why the placket is shortened now?
That's an "easy recipe"?
Sounds spot on to me. I'm the same dimensions as you and both my A2 and CWU/45 are perfect at 23.5".
Of my many TOJ orders 3 'full leather items'* didn't come with totes. * If the GFDR, T1 or T3 count as full leather items.
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