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Quote: Originally Posted by Geezer Barring perhaps the original manufacturer, you can't do better than John Rushton. Nice guy too. +1 gave a few pair of shoes to fix the tip and change the heel, can not complain about their work.
Or you might date her for a couple of years fall in love and she cheats on you and break up, then your friend ask you to go over to his place to hang out, and you have act like a bigger man and act all ok infront of his family.
Recently got a job ad about teaching english in China for 6 - 12 months contract. They will pay you 950ukp, pay for your Visa, provide you will a place to stay and meals are all included. And you will have to teach for about 40hrs a week if i remember correctly. Anyway good luck with your job search.
Got this today Barker Black Straton Mahogany Calf
wear a bowtie!
is more or myself. i don't feel great when my jacket is not fitting the way i want it to.
no, the collar will be off centre if you just move the button. That just SA tricks to get you buy the shirt.
but maybe he is busy for a good resason. I would stick with a good tailor and wait for a little longer, unless you have good choices else where.
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