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I have one Bose 2.1 Companion II series II for sale. It is a new item with defect. On one speaker, there is a dent on the speaker grill, but other than that the speaker is new. Looking for $70shipped CONUS. Paypal only. PM if interested Thanks
I am wondering what kind of boots are these and where to get them? http://www.gq.com/style/street-style...-style#slide=9 Thanks
i know that the scarves that I wanted are all sold, but did you get my pm by any chance??? BTW, Great Thread
PM sent
Hi, I am being serious here. It is not that much amount of money items that I need at all. I am not a scamer also. Please don't insult me like that
Hi, I need someone who have American Credit card to buy something for me and I will paypal that person for the payment. I really need it soon so email me at korn_nawbhanich@yahoo.com or pm me. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by omjk This thread shouldn't be in the FS section, and this post has no place whatsoever in this thread. How can you find someone wanting to buy work shoes relevant to your sneakers that moreover are an entirely different size? Will you be offering said sneakers on the CNN message board too? By the way your post shouldn't be in for sale thread. Shlanks
I have Paul Smith sneaker size 10us if anybody wants it pm me. Thanks
I am new to this forum. I can't post a new thread, but I am looking to sell a Paul Smith Musa size 10us if anybody interested in this please pm me. Thanks
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