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second the question about the black suede...just picked up my first pair of taupe suede and i love em so much I want a black the black suede pretty much the only option??
great seller..bump
Ok boot question. I am looking to spend up to maybe 175 on a pair of boots. My foot size is 5.5 to 6.0 mens which is where it gets complicated. I am looking for styling as similar to the Nice Collective carbon combat boot as I can get. Here are my options thus far: I am really curious about this pair....esp for the price. Indicates goodyear welt and made to military...
what color exactly is the Spiewak jacket? black?
what size is the rogues gallery ?
whats the price on the NiCo jacket?
Pantafolos added - price drop to $28 on the Adidas
Price drop to $30
Price drop to $35
Pantafola D'Oro black high top size 37 (equivalent to a US Mens Size 6) Excellent condition - barely worn $60 Shipped US Adidas Porsche Design purchased from Gilt for $68 bought as a gift and unfortunately dont fit $40 shipped US
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