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Anyone doing proxies to the new york store right now? and is there any +J stuff left? interested in a couple things...
Not sure about the belts but I ordered a leather chain on August 24th and I dont think it has even shipped yet.
I noticed the smallest they have left at this point is a medium. How slim are they running this season? sorry if this has been addressed before...
I think you will be happy...I picked up a bottle at Saks and love it. IMO its not only the best smelling Creed scent but out of the ones that I have bought it seems to be the highest quality in terms of how long it lasts etc... some of their stuff seems to fade pretty quickly, esp for the price point.
Maybe I will subject myself to some harsh criticism by stating this but I really love N.I.C.E. Collective...what is the general consensus of this brand on here? I have a closet full of their stuff and personally love every piece. Joe and Ian are super awesome guys as well. Seems like a label with good energy behind it and the majority of their stuff is made right here in the USA. How come they dont get more love on the forum?
PM Sent regarding oxblood chambray Quote: Originally Posted by mattoali Gitman Bros. Madras size S - $65 edit: color is blue/green/yellow/off-white <- it's written mate
PM Sent regarding NiCo cardi...bump for an awesome seller...stand up guy. Quote: Originally Posted by iotan Bump for good seller. Smooth transaction, and I received my item in a timely manner.
Bump for a great seller...love the sweater man! Quote: Originally Posted by madmadigan Price Drop 4/24
+2 on the great seller bit..flawless transaction. Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino final price drops on RRL items
bump for an awesome seller! top drawer Quote: Originally Posted by Roguls Fantastic stuff here. Wish I had the funds for that Belstaff.
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