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Been a long time member on the forum and somehow never even knew this page existed...I like to toy around with my camera...some of my stuff is here feedback welcome! (sorry if my website sucks lol) Craig
hey do you have any more pics?
what is it that you dont like about it? if you dont mind me asking...
I'm really digging this peacoat....I know people around here have mixed feelings about Nice Collective..I happen to love their stuff. What's the consensus on this coat?
I finally got mine and it fell apart at one end the first time I wore it.
I second that.....I live in Richmond and happen to personally know the staff at Need...all great people and I am sure they will correct the error..give em a chance.
what size are they?
I'm all about supporting the little guy....small businesses and all that - hell, I dont even mind waiting a lengthy period for a hand crafted piece...but I place a lot of value in integrity and I just dont feel like he has been honest with me.
And it still has not come..I totally understand how it works if there is one person hand crafting the products, etc...but he actually told me via email like 3 weeks ago that he had shipped it. I keep inquiring as to why it has not arrived yet and Eric just keeps saying that it should be here soon - doesnt make sense though, no shipping method would take 3 weeks for something to get from the New England area to Richmond, Virginia...He could have walked it down here by now....
Totally! I stopped in the store the other day and was hoping to get the style forum discount...we should get all of the people in Richmond on the forum together for drinks or something.
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