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Quote: Originally Posted by Neofinitia That cap is sharp as hell.
I couldn't get into Selma Blair until I read an interview with her and found that she's cool as hell. Now I'm more attracted to her physically as well as otherwise. Weird how that works.
I looooove Cholula, but I'll agree it's one of the hotter ones. But the taste is amazing, it's not like any hot sauce out there. Tapatio has some of the best aspects of Cholula, but hotter. Louisiana Hot Sauce is still classic. Cock sauce is good, but very specific, not as versatile as the others. Frank's Red Hot, Texas Pete, and all the other hot sauces for people who don't like hot sauce will do in a pinch. Could never quite get into Tabasco, but I'm not sure why. ...
That's only movies. I assure you, we think it's as weird as you do. I'm not sure where conventions like that come from, but I'm even more baffled by why people think they have to use them. People in movies don't say hello when they answer the phone, either! They just pick up the phone, and the person on the other end intuits that the person they're calling has picked up, and starts talking! In particularly hacky movies, people picking up the phone will say, "Talk to...
Eh, saying peacoats are a trend or a fad is like saying suits or leather jackets or sneakers are a fad. It's just a kind of coat. It's been around for thousands of years* and it's not going anywhere. It is in a boom period at the moment, but so is everything eventually. *wikipedia
If we can move away from insane pseudo-political ranting and homophobic panic for just a moment: I think the reasoning behind the clothes politicians wear is the same as the reasoning behind the things politicians say: they eliminate everything that can be spun negatively by their opponents, and what's left is what they wear. Of course it has to be a certain amount of "dressy," or they'll be perceived as unserious, but it can't be too flashy, or they'll be portrayed as...
I can't believe all the people here who wear a suit when everyone around them is wearing business casual attire at best, and cargo shorts and a Patriots jersey at worst, and yet they're getting this self-conscious over the idea of wearing a damn vest.
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid That's fine, in fact I think it's rather crass having your tie danging down like an exposed dong. I always appreciate new ways of looking at things.
I'm learning a lot from this thread.
My wife worked for a bank for a while, and she said you would be SHOCKED how often this sort of thing happens. (Sorry, no good tips, she only worked there briefly as a temp.) All I can say is that the squeaky wheel etc. Definitely talk to the branch manager, and anyone else you can get to. Call every day until it's sorted out. Don't let them ignore you. Be as polite as you can muster, but very firmly let them know that you should not be kept from accessing YOUR money...
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