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20% off sales prices at matchesfashion.com with extra20
Yeah, really good prices. Was about to get a Veilance coat really cheap but as usual Visa payment wouldn't work and when I went back to try to pay with paypal somebody had snatched it from my basket. Edit: Apparently the jacket just got locked in the system for a while when the payment was declined so returned in stock and I now managed to buy it through Paypal.
Bamboo boxers are a good option if you want to move away from poly and cotton. I use Tufte Wear myself.
Stuff I've picked up during the last couple of weeks. Hansen TS(S) Epaulet Varsity American Vintage Velour Aspesi Livid Jeans Patrik Ervell Buttero
Selling a pair of white Common Projects Achiles in size 45. I've worn them a bit but they still got a couple of years left in them. My price includes worldwide shipping.
Yeah, the sleeves on the Moscow is actually slightly too short for my liking. I'm 6,4 though...
Selling two pair of Eapulet Rivet pants. Both pairs have just been worn a few times and are completely unaltered. Selling them for 85->$75 each, worldwide shipping wothout tracking is included. Tracking can be added at your expanse. The first pair is a size 34 rivet in plum duck canvas. The waist is 17.5 and the inseam is 35 The second pair is a size 36 rivet in Olive ripstop. The waist is 18.75 and the inseam is 35. sold
Need to stop looking at all the sales now.
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