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20% extra off sales items at www.wrongweather.com with ww20ss15. Picked up the Burhead trouses from SS myself.
Hey, the collar measurement is 16.
I'm somewhere between a L and an XL depending on the brand and for the t-shirt and sweater I picked up in Lisboa I had to go for XL in both.
Hackett PE MMM Mykita Veilance J+ MMM
I'm also very curious about this. I'm usually a EU45 which is not available but at the same time that is usually an US11.5 so wondering if these will work for me or not...
Did a little shopping while on holiday. SEH Kelly linen trousers and linen sweater, La Portegna passport holder and AA tri-blend
Yeah, I would have to agree that the problem seems to be that the boxes are too small. Just received mine and before I opened it I could feel from the ouside how the handles were pushing against the edges of the box. So of course my bag also had the marks from the handles.
I can recommend Menscience as well. Of the aluminum free ones I've tried this is the one that has worked the best.
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