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Forgot to ask about the name of the jacket so not entirely sure but it looks like that.
Sorry, it fits me quite well. But they have a few sizes left of that one at the Stephan Schneider store.
My visit to the store ended with me buying this shorter jacket in the basket weave. Also tried on the rock jacket but it was too tight across the shoulders and a bit short in the arms. The Clover jacket was really nice but it's more of a knit than a jacket. Might pick up one if I find my size on sale.
Going to be in Antwerpen tomorrow and a visit to the store is on the top of my list. Hopefully they will have a lot of cool stuff there for me to try on.
I've got a couple of shirts from Cos with elastane in them which makes them very comfortable and they wash quite well. When it comes to their t-shirts I've bought a couple of nice ones while a few others have shrunken after being washed.
Need to stop buying knits now, although I'm very tempted to pick up an Inverallan...
yeah, in ripstop from their sale.
Picked up a pair of shoes and som gloves while in Budapest. Also a couple of things finally arrived in the mail
Here is a picture of the shoes I picked up while in Budapest together with a pair of gloves from the glove store that is located in the same street.
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