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My special order in XL finally arrived and it's pretty awesome. Also got a pair of Outlier pants
You won't have to pay customs fee but unfortunately you will still have to pay 25% VAT.
Try a few of the 3000 different beers they have at Delirium Cafe.
This might be a good option even though they're navy.
Ok, the new size table works much better for me. Unfortunately the lead version in size L was already sold out now. Hopefully I will be able to snag the charcoal one when it comes online.
Yeah, I wouldn't have minded slightly longer sleeves. As it stands now I don't think they will work for me unfortunately.
Ok, hopefully I will be able to snag one in the future then. No plans for any wool shirts in the near future? XS is unfortunately way too small for me. But how is the warmth of that one compared to the navy duffle?
Never put any protector on the suede A-1 that I got from TOJ. Have got caught in the rain a few times with it and have worked fine to just use a suede brush afterwards to remove the rain spots.
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