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All my prices includes worldwide shipping without tracking, First up is a pair of lightly used candy striped pants in 55% linen and 45% cotton. Yours for $60 waist: 17 rise: 8.75 thigh: 12 Inseam 35.5 Next up is apair of purple pants in a thick cotton. Seen some use but lots of life left in them. Yours for $50 waist: 17.5 rise: 8.75 thigh: 12 Inseam 35.5 The last pair looks dark grey from a distance but up close you can see the pattern. The cotton has a really smoth...
Selling a lightly used v-neck sweater with leather elbow patches from Hackett. The sweater is made in Italy and the material is a mix of 35% wool, 30% silk, 20% cashmere and 15% nylon. My priceis $95, which includes worldwide shipping without tracking P2P: 20 S2S: 16.5 Sleeve: 25 BOC: 23.5
Well, there's a Colombian company that does that.http://www.vice.com/video/bogota-s-bulletproof-tailor
Sellig my Stephan Schneider shirt that has been used and washed once or twice. Shows no signs of wear. My price includes worldwide shipping without tracking. P2P: 21.5 S2S: 18.5 Sleeves: 27 BOC: 29
Trying to clear out some pants that don't fit me anymore. All my prices include worldwide shipping without tracking. Let me know if you need any more information. First out is pair of jeans in the RB15 model from Rag&Bone from when they were still made in New York in size 33. Slightly used and yours for $140 ->120 waist:17.5 thigh:12 inseam:34.5 hem:8.25 Next up is a pair of navy chinos from A.P.C. in size L. Yours for...
Selling a really cool par of silver Raf Simons Astros in size 44. As you can see the silver coating has gotten some scratches buts tons of life left in them and not much wear at all on the sole. These fit big so best for a size 45. My price is $160->$140 which includes worldwide shipping without tracking
Selling 4 sligthly used t-shirts from Passarella Death Squad. You can get all of them for $100->$90->$80 and that includes worldwide shiping without tracking. They're all made of a Japanese fabric that is a 50/50 mix of rayon and cotton and they're made in England. P2P: 20.75 S2S: 17 BOC: 26
I own a pair of boots and one pair of sneakers and went tts in both so would advise against sizing down.
Well, I couldn't really justify it at full price so I never bought it.
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