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Hackett PE MMM Mykita Veilance J+ MMM
I'm also very curious about this. I'm usually a EU45 which is not available but at the same time that is usually an US11.5 so wondering if these will work for me or not...
Did a little shopping while on holiday. SEH Kelly linen trousers and linen sweater, La Portegna passport holder and AA tri-blend
Yeah, I would have to agree that the problem seems to be that the boxes are too small. Just received mine and before I opened it I could feel from the ouside how the handles were pushing against the edges of the box. So of course my bag also had the marks from the handles.
I can recommend Menscience as well. Of the aluminum free ones I've tried this is the one that has worked the best.
I'm sure the chestnut will look nice but it won't create the same urgency to buy as a green one.
I would be very disappointed if you guys decided to drop the green leather for the weekender. Been wanting one for quite a while and feel that it would be a really good looking and unique bag.
AV PE TOJ COS Balenciaga
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