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Ok, the new size table works much better for me. Unfortunately the lead version in size L was already sold out now. Hopefully I will be able to snag the charcoal one when it comes online.
Yeah, I wouldn't have minded slightly longer sleeves. As it stands now I don't think they will work for me unfortunately.
Ok, hopefully I will be able to snag one in the future then. No plans for any wool shirts in the near future? XS is unfortunately way too small for me. But how is the warmth of that one compared to the navy duffle?
Never put any protector on the suede A-1 that I got from TOJ. Have got caught in the rain a few times with it and have worked fine to just use a suede brush afterwards to remove the rain spots.
Any plans to make more shirts in the cotton/hemp material? Really like the character of that fabric but unfortunately no XL left for me. And what about the duffle coat coat that was used to showcase some knitewear earlier in the thread. Was that fabric only for the Japanese market?
I just felt that the sunglasses where a bit too far from the Vibergs stylewise for them to work good together. But maybe I was a bit quick to judge so might have to try them together some day. The sunglasses are the Paloma Tuttolente model from Super. I picked up mine from this store https://www.zebraclub.de/super-sunglasses/tuttolente-paloma-green-regular-qr0-27099.htm[/URLy
Two things I picked up while in Berlin for Lollapalooza. Won't wear them at the same time...
Met Frank at his store/studio yesterday and must say he is a really nice guy. Had a nice chat with him about his clothes and the fall collection. Told me that the grey wool and brown canvas coat really made him look forward to the winter. Unfortunately I didn't get to buy anything since he had already sold most of the few size L he had. Though he told me that I would probably be sixe XL in most of his stuff anyway so I should come back next fall because then all the...
The studio line from Herschel Supply is also a good option for weather proof backpacks.
Yes, it's Inis Meain and I got it from Matches which still have it on sale in size S and XLIt's a Nike FSB chukka. Found it in a store in Bergen the other weekend which had a few sizes left at 50% off.
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