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Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my 3.5 year old lamb moto.
Don't necessarily need a smooth leather for the tote as long as the color is good. Maybe something in pebble grain could be nice?
I really like the green leather used here.
If you're that tall the arms might come up a bit short. I'm 6'4 and a 52 in the Cameraman works fine for me but when I tried an Everest in 52 the arms felt slightly short. A 54 was better in the arms and didn't notice that much difference in the body since it's so big to begin with
I'm very interested in a tote in a nice green color but this particular tote I think is too big for me. Would want one that isn't so wide
Bought a navy briefcase a couple of hours before the price increase. Have been wanting something like that in either navy or green for a while so couldn't resist anymore. Was tempted by the portfolio as well but don't think I would have had much use for it so showed some restraint for once.
Forgot to ask about the name of the jacket so not entirely sure but it looks like that.
Sorry, it fits me quite well. But they have a few sizes left of that one at the Stephan Schneider store.
My visit to the store ended with me buying this shorter jacket in the basket weave. Also tried on the rock jacket but it was too tight across the shoulders and a bit short in the arms. The Clover jacket was really nice but it's more of a knit than a jacket. Might pick up one if I find my size on sale.
New Posts  All Forums: