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I just felt that the sunglasses where a bit too far from the Vibergs stylewise for them to work good together. But maybe I was a bit quick to judge so might have to try them together some day. The sunglasses are the Paloma Tuttolente model from Super. I picked up mine from this store https://www.zebraclub.de/super-sunglasses/tuttolente-paloma-green-regular-qr0-27099.htm[/URLy
Two things I picked up while in Berlin for Lollapalooza. Won't wear them at the same time...
Met Frank at his store/studio yesterday and must say he is a really nice guy. Had a nice chat with him about his clothes and the fall collection. Told me that the grey wool and brown canvas coat really made him look forward to the winter. Unfortunately I didn't get to buy anything since he had already sold most of the few size L he had. Though he told me that I would probably be sixe XL in most of his stuff anyway so I should come back next fall because then all the...
The studio line from Herschel Supply is also a good option for weather proof backpacks.
Yes, it's Inis Meain and I got it from Matches which still have it on sale in size S and XLIt's a Nike FSB chukka. Found it in a store in Bergen the other weekend which had a few sizes left at 50% off.
20% off sales prices at matchesfashion.com with extra20
Yeah, really good prices. Was about to get a Veilance coat really cheap but as usual Visa payment wouldn't work and when I went back to try to pay with paypal somebody had snatched it from my basket. Edit: Apparently the jacket just got locked in the system for a while when the payment was declined so returned in stock and I now managed to buy it through Paypal.
Bamboo boxers are a good option if you want to move away from poly and cotton. I use Tufte Wear myself.
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