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PM sent, I'll take it.
My hopes are high then, as I'm in exactly the same situation: 9.5D Brannock, the 9D I just received slipped too much, and I'm awaiting an 8.5D.
Anyone find they needed to go down a full size on the BB unlined LHS? mdubs' sizing guide (and Alden of Carmel sizing guide) suggest the Van last runs about a half size big, but I'm getting an unacceptable amount of heel slippage at sizing down .5 from my Brannock. My local BB doesn't have my approximate sizes in stock so I'm waiting on a transfer to try them out, but I really want to make these work.
I'm always curious about merino polos; what brand?
What boots are these? Frye as well?
What pants are you wearing there?
Not sure if this is old news, but I went into an AE store yesterday to try on some Graysons and the sales reps told me that the Graysons and Randolphs are no longer going to be produced in their current forms; there will be 2.0 versions that are updated with lower vamps. That's disappointing to me, as I've always felt that lower vamp loafers have an effeminate vibe to them, though I understand that's just a matter of taste. I was told that the Graysons can still be made...
RRL linen/cotton blend flannel workshirt. Great condition, just ended up being a bit too big for me, so it hung in my closet with very little wear. $50.00 CONUS.
RRL flannel workshirt, in excellent condition. Thick flannel material. Size medium, but fits closer to a large. 23" pit to pit, 27" sleeve, 31" back length. $50 shipped CONUS. SOLD
SOLD SNS Herning Private Cardigan, 100% Wool, triple grey mix, Men's L Large, NEW. This SNS Herning triple grey mix is beautiful, and the pictures do not do it justice. The sweater is quite thick, similar to the Stark, and made of 100% wool. Purchased from Haberdash and stored folded in a closet. S.N.S. Herning has a rich heritage in producing some of the finest knitwear around, basing their knowledge on close to a century of supplying Scandinavian fisherman with...
New Posts  All Forums: