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Any eta on a restock of the ST-100x in 32 and 33?
The sand fresco wool too...
Those two in Walt cut are exactly what I'm lusting over right now...I would love to see what the java fresco looks like in a non-swatch picture...please post a pic when you get them!
That would be a pretty unique polo offering; I'd be in for a few, especially if it was offered in something other than cotton.
Check out Wool & Prince. Their entire product line is pretty solid.
Forgot to add the size.
For sale are a brand new pair of custom Rancourt & Company Pinch Penny Loafers Size 9D in natural Horween Chromexcel leather and custom dark brown camp-mod soles. The custom soles are a $30 uncharge from Rancourt, so my total purchase price was $270. These are beautiful shoes, and absolutely brand new, they just won't work for me. All items from the factory are included. Price drop to $200 shipped CONUS.
What's the lace length on the Ranger Mocs? Has anyone done anything fun lace-wise? I've got a pair of Baxters in natural on the way, and I'm looking for some ideas, as I'm not a huge fan of leather laces...
I've been stocking up on these lately...I have a pair of navy and a pair of grey hopsack Walts, along with a pair of the espresso tropicals. I've found the hopsack weave to be incredibly durable and versatile, with a year-round weight (at least in my location). The tropical still is great too, but there's just something I love about the hopsack. I've been meaning to brag on the Walts for some time now; they're a perfect balance of a relatively slim cut with a rise...
Price reduced
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