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Anyone seen the storm grey slim fits in person? How do they look?
I just bought a pair of Emersons from an ebay seller, and I'm pretty sure they must be seconds from an abnormality in the moc toe stitching on one of the boots. I can't seem to find anything on the box or the boots that suggests that they were marked seconds though...
Are 1000 Mile factory seconds marked in a certain way that makes them distinguishable?
What time did you place your orders yesterday? Did you get a shipping email? strangely, the "sales history" section of my account on their website is blank...
At 6'0 170, should I have gone with a medium or large in a Stark cardigan? I'm thin framed, but with a long torso.
I lucked out; no sales tax and free shipping...$216.68 shipped.
I did.
I jumped on a Stark. Too good of a deal to pass up.
I totally agree with you about the sole. While I love the upper, buying a $440 boot with a sole you intend to change immediately is a tough pill to swallow.
Does anyone have any experience with the Emersons, or has anyone seen them in person? If so, what are your opinions.
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