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For sale is a pair of Persol 3059-S 95/58 black frame / green crystal polarized lens sunglasses, hand made in Italy. I believe this color variant with the polarized lenses is exclusive to Sunglass Hut, and retails for $330.00. These sunglasses are worn sparingly, and were well cared for and in excellent condition, with the only wear that I can identify coming from the paint fading on the "Persol" logo in the inside of the temple tips. Comes with all original accessories...
With regard to the cotton pants, how do you tell the difference between the "USA" and "Italy" cuts? Is it simply the location of construction (made in USA/Italy)? Also, is the difficulty with returns being expressed on these last couple of pages typical as of late with Howard Yount? I'm a bit afraid to try an order out after what I'm reading here...
Anyone have any advice on finding a slim fitting mid-rise cotton pant/trouser? Most everything that I've found that is slim fitting cotton is low rise, and not suitable for tucking in a shirt on my frame (slim athletic build). Brooks Brothers Milano pants are too low in the rear rise. Their Clark cut is too baggy. I'd like to find something in the sub $150 range that fits this bill, and is of decent quality. Thanks for the help!
What are the best options out there for a slim fitting, mid-rise pair of khakis suitable for business casual wear? Brooks Brothers Milano have too low of a rise for shirt tucking (for me), and BB Clark fit are a bit baggier than I'd like. I have an athletic, slim build, and would prefer to stay below the $150 price point.
Edit - wrong thread
Anyone seen the storm grey slim fits in person? How do they look?
I just bought a pair of Emersons from an ebay seller, and I'm pretty sure they must be seconds from an abnormality in the moc toe stitching on one of the boots. I can't seem to find anything on the box or the boots that suggests that they were marked seconds though...
Are 1000 Mile factory seconds marked in a certain way that makes them distinguishable?
What time did you place your orders yesterday? Did you get a shipping email? strangely, the "sales history" section of my account on their website is blank...
At 6'0 170, should I have gone with a medium or large in a Stark cardigan? I'm thin framed, but with a long torso.
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