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Quote: Originally Posted by uzairh I don't think wearing burgundy shoes with a black suit looks good. I recommend getting black as your first pair; you can always get burgundy later. +1 You will rarely go wrong with black for a dress shoe. Maybe not the most adventurous, but rarely if ever will it be wrong.
I've looked closely at both in real life and for me it would be the PML definitely. Both the PML and the RDM offer good (and about the same) value for money. The RDM is nice and slim by today's standards and has useful functions and for the price you get more than excellent JLC quality. The dial is a bit crowded and looks a but messy when the minute and hour hands overlap any of the other hands on the subdials (especially the date pointer). The PML has a much...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder Clearly not a factor in the OP's case. Yes well I hope it had something to do with something other than the watch because I feel like selling it - all off pp and their relatively poor finishing (that's if you actually get to see the movement since they have been putting tiny movements in larger cases and putting solid backs to you don't see the massive spacers).
Jose, I think if you have the personality which works with what you like, then why not? Alternatively, you could always post pictures and get the people here to give feedback on whether they think it works. But as I said, as long as you are comfortable with it then I don't think any kittens are going to get harmed.
My calatrava has not been the sole reason, but has started conversations with girls which have resulted in bedroom gymnastics. I'd like to think that my personality had something to do with it, but who knows.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow I believe that's there goal. That would explain the company trying to build hype by buying their own watches at record prices at their own Antiquorium auctions. Omega's been doing the same thing as well. Maybe... what I don't like so much is how the same movement is used repeatedly in many different models. I think it's okay to have a movement in a couple of watches, but sticking the manual 215 with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos When the cuff is buttoned i can comfortably put one finger between the cuff and wrist. No bigger , no smaller. I've heard this before - sounds like good advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thurston Google 'Potsie Weber'. Ha ha - but it's not that bad is it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Standard Toaster Once for shirts, underwear and socks. Two to three wears for cotton trousers. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal I got a strange story from a friend in New York who is fortunately still employed. His law firm partner took out some more junior representatives of a client to a very fancy lunch and brought him along. The partner owns some very fine watches but intentionally wore a digital wristwatches (while the junior attorney was wearing a Patek). Why? I'm not sure. Maybe the junior attorney was compensating for being...
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