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Maybe it's a humidity thing.
Warm, sunny weather in the UK today... 22 celsius, which is like 71 fahrenheit. Wore my red calf DR all day over a t-shirt, and didn't feel too hot at all. This is good news as it doesn't get much hotter than that very often, therefore TOJ all year round
I think they look great.
I've never proxied anything for anyone before (so I don't know what kind of fees people normally charge), but I work in the same shopping centre as the Birmingham UK store. I also get 10% off everything including sale. Let me know if I can be of any help and we'll work something out.
Not really, kind of got too old for most of it. There are a few things that I still wear quite regularly though. I've got a huge collection of the stuff.
Hello,Yeah, COS is owned by H&M!
Crossposting from the WAYWT thread. Red Calf.
First post in this thread! TOJ Cos (H&M's premium line) Balenciaga Leather chucks. Edit:
Bottle green looks nice. As I think I mentioned before, don't be apprehensive about getting calf. I have medium grey lamb and red calf, and I'm pretty sure I prefer the calf. Edit: I think If I was wearing a green leather, I'd wear it with off-white/ecru t-shirts, raw or rinsed/washed denim (but I think rinsed/washed would look especially good) and brown boots.
Another photo of the red calf 2010DR. Sorry that it's a stylized instagram photo, and that it's more me than jacket. I
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