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3 degrees celsius (37.4F) here in Birmingham, England. Perfect weather for the calf DR with a jumper underneath!
Do we really want someone like that to stick around? He asked for help, you gave him polite, constructive help, and he told you to fuck off!
Drew, just read sask boot's post about oiling calf. Can you give any more specific info on when/how you think this should be done?
UK 9 is a 43.
I just picked up a pair of black MMM side zips from yoox. Pretty excited. Also, for those in the UK, it's worth noting that the TK Maxx website has a few pairs of margiela shoes/boots up at £199. They've got some blazers, coats etc too. If I had another spare £200, I'd definitely pick these up
Looking to pick up a pair of Margiela side zip boots in black, size 43. Nothing seems to be coming up on the B+S forum here. Any ideas on places that might be good to look around for these? Hoping not to pay too much over £300 ($480)
Couple of photos of my red calf 2010DR. This thing fits perfectly. I was pulling a stupid face in the second one, but I think it represents the colour of the jacket better than any other photo I've taken. Also, I had an interview with ACNE yesterday, and I wore my grey MDR. More interviews should encourage the wearing of TOJ.
I have quite a strong crease running vertically down one of the sleeves of my red calf DR. It's been there since I got the jacket in April. I've ignored it for a long time, partly because I thought it might just settle down with wear, partly because I was enjoying wearing the jacket so much that it wasn't really bothering me. However, now the temperature's dropped, and it's going to get a lot more wear, I'm keen to try and get the crease out. Can anyone suggest something...
Looking forward to wearing my red calf DR all Autumn/Winter. Starting to wish I'd had the option for silver zips when I ordered though
Quality on that Karl by Karl Lagerfeld stuff is atrocious, go with Silent.
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