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Benesyed, I think it looks good.
Crossposting from WAYWT. Medium grey lamb MDR. I think I must have had it for just over a year now... it's holding up incredibly well. I only really wear it on cold days, and never in rain/snow. The scarf is something I knitted out of a merino/mohair blend.
TOJ MDR in medium grey, and a scarf that I knitted myself (merino/mohair blend)
I received the black side-zips yesterday. First thought - my pair definitely look more grey than black. There's a lot of the white 'mould' coating on them. I'll be interested to see how that wears away. After a couple of hours wear, creases are starting to form where the toebox starts. Not aesthetically pleasing creases, either. My mainline side-zips took a little longer to start creasing up, and the creases form fairly nice 'wear marks'. I would guess that this is...
April 77 do really tiny sizes (they're unisex.)
Picked up a pair of the black side zips at £56. Same as that other guy from the UK (who's name I forgot... sorry.) I already have a pair of the proper MMM black side-zips, but I figured at this price they'd do nicely as a beater pair.
Hoodcoat would be cool. I think Drew could offer a really great take on that idea. Re: The Devil May Cry coat, I'd love something like that too, but I guess it's just not what TOJ/JC is about.
Payment is by paypal - please pay as gift, or add the 4% on top. I am based in the UK - shipping to Europe is £10, worldwide is £18. DRKSHDW black denim jacket with leather sleeves. Size Small. Worn about 10 times, still in perfect condition. Fit was quite loose on me (I normally wear an XS), so no stretching to the sleeves etc. Really nice jacket, sorry to see it go. £250 Measurements: Pit to pit: 18" (It is hard to measure because of the way that the sleeves are...
Payment is by paypal - please pay as gift, or add the 4% on top. I am based in the UK - shipping to Europe is £10, worldwide is £18. I will add measurements for the shorts later, but if you need them quicker than I get round to adding them, please PM me. You can also PM me if you require additional photos. Rick Owens Shorts, Size Small. From the mainline collection (AW10/11). Worn about 5 times, but basically in brand new condition. The lower half is in a kind of soft...
Crossposting from TOJ thread. Dior 19cm (they started to look really faded after 2 years, so I re-dyed them) MMM side zips.
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