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Dior Homme jacket that I picked up from Selfridges sale last year. It was a ridiculous £1800 originally, but I nabbed it for £200 in the sale. It's made from waterproof silk. There's a strange pleasure that comes with your 'throw it on for the rain' jacket being made of silk.Jeans are a kind of two-tone dark forest green/black. Such a versatile colour, going to be really sad when these get messed up, impossible to find a replacement.Pic without jacket in spoiler. [[SPOILER]]
Don't want to put that info out here ... nothing anyone would be interested in!
First day wearing the jeans... in my experience with this particular fit, they'll settle nicely into a slightly looser, yet still super-slim fit. I have to make an effort to incorporate at least one token item from the brand I work for, hence the cardigan. In fact the whole fit was kind of built around having to incorpororate that cardigan (which is too short for me really.)
Always loved the grey that april 77 uses... though I guess it's not a dark grey can get them from the cultizm site for a bit less, and they have a 10% off code for newsletter sign up. I've had both those and Cheap Monday, and I can never go back to CM now... feels cheap. I don't think the pictures on april 77 or cultizm do the fit justice.
Just dropping into the thread to say that the calf is seriously great stuff. I have a lamb jacket and a calf jacket, and I'm tempted to say that I just about prefer the calf. Red calf DR is like a superhero jacket.
It's really nice in person. Fits small though. I normally wear a 44/46, and this was about right in a 48 on me.
Wearing docs because of the ice on the ground in the UK! Edit: With an alpaca scarf that I knitted (more pics in the DIY thread here
Thanks! cardigan is mainly there to keep me warm (pretty cold at work today) - I'd probably leave it out most days.I can't stop messing with my hair while I'm bored at work... there are mirrors everywhere (retail ) so it transforms every 5 minutes!
Quick shot from work... Thanks to Septseptsept for the april 77 jacket!
I hand knitted this scarf from 100% alpaca wool. It's 7.5" wide and 114" long (2.9m.) I was trying to replicate this dior homme scarf from 2005. I'm quite happy with how it turned out!
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