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Yeah, I'm working on it, sort of. I want to spend less than £50, and I want to get overdyed black, or unwashed dark grey. Basically, I haven't seen anything around that fits the bill on my (currently very low) budget.
Just had a haircut... needs to grow a bit. TOJ, Helmut Lang rubber coated jeans, MMM boots. How do you guys feel about the fit of the TOJ? I always think it looks good over a sweater, but maybe a bit big over a t-shirt. It's cold more than it is warm here anyway, so I'm happy to keep it as a mostly cold weather jacket. KOY: Looks good, especially the lower half.
While we're discussing yoox, does anyone know how to order a product that's showing up on the US site, but not the UK site? (I'm in the UK.) I've messed around with settings and emailed customer services, but everyone seems to say it can't be done. The item in question is dead cheap, and not worth paying proxy fees etc for.
RE: Double zip discussion (yawn) ... the bottom zip on my MDR and DR are never used, but I don't really think it looks any better/worse than the single zip. I think that whole zipping the bottom zip up a few inches thing looks pretty terrible.
Just picked up these doc martens and I'm really happy with them. Canvas upper, black with white pindots.
Not sure if this is the right thread, probably not, but I just picked up these doc martens and I'm really happy with them. Canvas upper, black with white pindots.
I like that a lot - I kind of stick to what I know a lot of the time (partially due to financial constraints) but I think it'd be good for me to experiment more with volumes. Also important to note that a lot of what I've posted here is from work, where I'm bound by certain restrictions.Thanks G Transistor!
I do see your point, and I know they're super slim. I feel like I know enough about the rules to break them sometimes. I'm very much going for the old April 77 look, which is basically the same proportions I'm dressing to.
I think they look slimmer in photos than they actually are in person. I've made the mistake of wearing 'too skinny' jeans many a time... I'm confident that these don't fit into that category.
Too similar to stuff I've posted before, will change it up for my next post! [[SPOILER]]
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