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Ok, will do... thanks for your advice!
I guess I could try it (if I can find somewhere that sells it in the UK.) The site you linked me to says "In contrast, rubber that is uniformly colored throughout will not be improved nearly as much by edge dressing." which makes me wonder if it'll actually work. I really don't want to ruin my shoes! Edit: I think the line I quoted may simply mean that because rubber soles don't take as much noticeable discolouration, there's less for the edge dressing to 'fix'. Which I...
Thanks for the link. Looks like it could be a pretty daunting process, especially because I don't think the material used for the sole would lend itself particularly well to being sanded down.Perhaps I will drop into my local cobbler, and see if they're able to do it. Or investigate edge dressing more thoroughly!
Hey, thanks for the reply! I'm not sure which would be better, would you recommend either option over the other?What would be the right approach if using polish? Do I need a certain type of polish, certain brushes? What about edge dressing?Anybody done this before (changing brown sole to black)?
I have a pair of marigela side zips that I bought from yoox about 6 months ago. I really love the boots, and they're still in excellent condition. However, when I bought them, I didn't pay much attention to the fact that the sole is brown. I'd much prefer it if the sole was black, to match the upper. If I'm wearing all dark colours/all black, it seems strange to have a brown sole poking out. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on how to re-colour the sole black. I'm...
Interesting, thanks!
I have the same experience with contact lenses/glasses too. It's seriously not sensible to wear contact lenses all day everyday though... my eyes got really really unhealthy because of it. Opticians seem to recommend 8 hours a day, and using lots of moisturising eye drops. Be careful, you can cause yourself long term problems if you wear your contact lenses too much.
What's the tee, T? Looks great.
Jamesons were holding their 'cult film club' night tonight ... whiskey and Reservoir Dogs. Wore the medium grey MDR. It's 14 months old. One small scratch on the back, not really noticeable at all. Some 'scuffing' on the right cuff. No idea how that happened, but I'm kind of happy for this thing to take a few knocks and look nicely worn in. Picture crossposted from WAYWT.
Not a new fit, just a kind of postscript to what I posted earlier .. better camera, jacket done up. Action pose. Bene: I wish I could lounge around in so few layers. My flat is freezing... I'm normally in heat-tech, t-shirt and big wool jumper.
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