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Yeah, I guess they're probably not really cut for my shape... doesn't help that I seem to be bang in the middle of XS and S in a lot of things.
I got a few in different sizes/colours. The XS was too small for me, and the S was too big for me. Still got some wear out of them under blazers, cardigans etc though. I don't think they hold up very well to being washed.
[quote name="kindofyoung" also, shryke, that jacket looks sick and I demand fitpic[/quote] It's a full suit, maybe I'll try to take one this weekend!
April 77, from 2007/2008. [[SPOILER]]
Want to post a fit pic of a dior homme suit I have from AW2005, but too scared in case I get negative comments about the fit and it puts me off wearing it ever again. It was about half a size too big, so I took it to a tailor, who I think got it spot on. I guess if I'm confident about it, I shouldn't worry about the thoughts of others so much. Kind of think it looks best with a t-shirt and a pair of side-zips, in the rock 'n' roll spirit of the collection. What do you...
I always think a lot of my clothes look slimmer in photos than they do in real life. My jeans always look like a solid wall of tight black, when actually in a mirror, it's pretty obvious that they're not skin tight, and there's quite a lot of gather at the knees, stacking etc.I'm definitely trying to graduate towards more standard fitting stuff though, partly just because I'm getting older. I want to build more of a wardrobe around my TOJ jackets, really.
Pretty much same shit, different day. Need to take some outdoor pictures.
Great fits recently; I especially like MOK's. Hard to dress for the changeable UK weather at the moment, and the colours are great. Work today Uniqlo Oxford (not too impressed, but ok for work), April 77 cotton trousers, Margiela boots.
I'm not really fond of uniqlo jeans, the rivets, buttons etc just look super-cheap. I should probably just wait for a good deal on some APCs, or preferably dior 19cm.. These HL jeans are pretty recent, I think. The tag says made in USA, 807HW241, so at a guess they're Winter 2007 (Hiver-Winter?). I picked em up off ebay on a whim for £40. Not quite sure how I feel about the fit... the coated material seems to be very 'heavy', which makes them sit quite strangely. It's hard...
Still loving the slouchiness of this april 77 cardigan. Uniqlo +j longsleeve, helmut lang jeans. Desperately need less slim jeans, but funds low. Need recommendations on things that fit something like APC PS, but cheaper, and in black/grey. I'm a 28 waist, 34 (or longer) leg. Also, fellow UK dwellers, what the hell is going on with the weather? I looked out the window about an hour ago, and it was pretty sunny. Half an hour after that, grey skies, massive snow shower....
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