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Bought a pair of off-white APCs from B+S. Posted from the US (to the UK) on 23rd April, still stuck in LA at 'Depart USPS sort facility' We just had two warm and sunny days in a row here too, so that's probably Summer over until next year.
Cardigan was a bit of a 'grail' for me... happy to have finally found it. Colours are bad on my phone camera... t-shirt is navy, jeans are green + black.
Hate being stuck in work when we get some rare decent weather, especially on a Sunday. Everything here looks great.
April 77 faux-suede jacket, work t-shirt, april 77 green/black jeans, docs
I just picked up this jumper from the store today. I saw it on their website, and thought it looked pretty nice (if a little plain.) It's about a third of each alpaca, wool and polyester. Perfectly fills my need for a basic medium weight knit to fit over a heattech, and under my red TOJ DR next Winter. I'm lucky enough to get further discount on it because I work in the same shopping centre, and I know the guys who work in the store, so it only cost me £26 instead of RRP...
Saw this on the news this morning. I wonder if his washing machine has a 'gold' setting.
Don't think I could ever own a white leather without constant fear of getting some kind of stain all over it.
Always trust Charly. Had the red calf DR for about a year now. It's starting to feel a lot more pliable, and just generally more comfortable to wear. Started to wear it with APCs, white tees and chucks, and I think that's probably better than how I usually wear it (as in this photo) with loads of black. Just looking forward to some slightly warmer weather - it's still too cold here to wear it without a knit underneath.
Looking good Bows - jacket looks great! Need to start getting more wear out of my MDR, but it's been so rainy here recently that I don't want to risk getting it soaked. Anyway, boring black on black on black from me. Dior shirt, April 77 trousers, Margiela boots.
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