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Red calf is available as of about an hour ago...Unless you've got your own reasons for wanting lamb over calf, don't worry about it. I think I might actually prefer the calf to the lamb.
OK so I got my red calf 2010DR today! Drew, this jacket is amazing. On another level. People shouldn't hesitate before pulling the trigger on the red calf - it's absolutely stunning - so much colour and texture. The fit couldn't be more spot on for how I wanted it - I only slimmed the sleeves down from the fit of my Lamb MDR. Quick fit pic (more to come at a later date) Very hard to get the colour right in a photo. It's darker and waxier looking than that.
I ordered a 2010DR. Pics will floweth forth.
Pretty sure it's gone - it wasn't on the latest list of available colours, and it was incredibly low in stock when I ordered mine 10 weeks ago.I should be posting up pictures when it arrives later today!
22nd February.
I think I got the last one!
Another store - my local place, and they've stocked folk for many years.
Quick snap of my grey MDR, 4 months in.
Drew, I'm sad to hear that you'll not be offering MTM anymore. However, it's kind of a bitter-sweet feeling - I'm happy that you'll be moving on to your next phase. I've had my grey lamb MDR for around 5 months now, and it feels like a part of me. It's an absolutely perfect fit. Usually I like things to fit ultra slim, but this has a bit more room in the arms than I'm used to. At first, I wasn't so sure about that, but as time's gone on, I've come to appreciate it as part...
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