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OK, joking aside, let me ask for some advice then. I realise that the weakest point of my wardrobe is the lower half. So I decided to start buying jeans in less 'skinny' cuts, starting with the APCs that you're all telling me are too tight. So if APC petite standard in the size that fits most comfortably on my waist is 'too tight', what would be some good alternatives for me? It's kind of frustrating to be made fun of when I'm trying to fix some of these issues, but I...
Some excellent photoshopping going on itt. Jeans don't feel 'tight' at all... they're just apc ps with some room left in the waist.
Thanks! Less and less every day really. It kind of filled a nice niche of quality, price, and enjoyment, but it's more of a young person's brand, and I'm not getting any younger. I sometimes consider creating a thread to try to explain why I always found their clothes so exciting, but I worry somewhat that no-one would be at all interested.Oh, and sleepless.. never really thought about the shoulders before, they always seemed fine to me. I'm happy to have a little bit of...
Thanks OTC... I have a friend who might be able to help me get the zigzag stitch on a machine.
Crossposting from WAYWT... grey lamb MDR after nearly a year and a half of light wear.
TOJ, April 77, APC (thanks Snake), Margiela Now I want to throw all my other jeans away and buy APC PS in every colour. My housemate has an anti-stacks mirror
Thanks for the advice. I kind of think cutting it and leaving it raw would look cool, but I'm really bad at things like that, so it might well end up looking awful. Perhaps hemming tape is a safer option.
How should I go about shortening a t-shirt? It's just a regular cotton t-shirt, but it's a few inches too long for how I want to wear it. I reckon it'd look best just left with a scissor-cut hem with a bit of a curve to it. Any tips from anyone with more experience would be welcome!
Great stuff guys.
Some things from COS are really good, some not so much. I'd say it's quite important to see stuff in person before buying. I only bought 2 basic tees from them this season... not really impressed by much else.
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