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Haven't posted here for about 2 years, but my girlfriend took a photo of me today, so what the heck! Anyone remember me? April 77, Jil tee, Paul Smith trousers, Jack purcells
Put on my pair of off-white petite standards this morning, after washing them yesterday. A few minutes after putting them on, the crotch/thigh area just completely burst open. Completely non-repairable. Fuck.
I know how that can sometimes happen, Brad, but it's more complicated than that. I live in a shitty town where anything that isn't made by brands like McQ and 7forallmankind doesn't really sell at all. It also helped that the price was marked at £99 on the ticket, but it scanned up at £39. I assure you, it's a cool jacket... I'll try to change your mind with a WAYWT soon.
It's actually a lot nicer IRL. The fabric kind of looks two slightly different shades of red/pink, depending on how the light hits it. It's one of those things that looks very 'flat' in a product image. Planning on wearing it with some off-white APCs. There's nothing else interesting lurking, unfortunately!
Just picked up this SS13 Balenciaga jacket for the ridiculous price of £39, down from £625. In the shop I work in, sale items get 'auto-reduced' by some kind of computer algorithm, so stuff just gets cheaper and cheaper if no-one buys it. Sometimes stuff gets buried somewhere, or no-one picks it up for some other reason. I got an ACNE shirt for £9 down from £160 too. I guess retail has the occasional perk.
Far too much going on there. Their quality isn't very high either.
Lovely day for it! Think it's back to rain and misery tomorrow though, at least it is here in Brum.
APCs hopefully looking much better now The boots are the 'grey' H&M x MMM. They're mostly black now (mostly my own fault) and I'm wondering what'll happen if I get some grey polish on them.
Yeah, pretty sure they're the same. You're right, sagging as low as possible has made a huge difference. That shirt just needs shortening or something - in fact I got some advice on how to do that just yesterday from the DIY thread. I like the print, and I understand what the designer was going for (and how it fits into the collection) but it's just too long for how I'd like to wear it. Thanks for the friendly advice.Great colours TTO
I'll definitely give them a try next time I'm in London. I always think they look really 'cheap' - especially in the stitching and rivets, buttons, but they get enough credit here that I'm enthusiastic to try them again.Tried the APCs again before I left the house for work - I'm pretty confident that there's nothing wrong with them and they just fell badly in the picture. There's easily enough room in the thighs, which admittedly came out looking really tight in my fit...
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