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yes!more CXL, especially natural CXL!!!
apparently the guys who aren't good enough to get hired as shoe photographers for the AE website get hired at Lands End.
balmorals are inherently dressy, so any casual balmoral has to add a lot of casual elements to overcome the inherent dressiness. nine times out of ten, that added stuff takes them out of the realm of versatile.walnut strands are a very light color with tons of broguing. they're quite casual, but they stand out like a mf.similarly, my natural-colored neumoks go great with jeans, but only because they're made from a very rough-looking leather, which is even more casual than...
^ don't get that webgem. the less money you have and the fewer shoes you have, the more crucial it is that whatever you get is as versatile as possible. that saddle shoe might be a nice shoe to have as your fifth, tenth, or twentieth pair of shoes, but i would absolutely not recommend getting it as your first pair.kenilworth: it's kind of a dressy shoe. i personally wouldn't wear it with jeans. i know you said you wanted sleek, but some shoes are too sleek to look good...
Sucks when someone selfishly clogs up the thread with their ramblings, doesn't it?
Ok you've finally crossed the line from mild annoyance to TRUTHER.RELEASE THE LONG FORM DALTON1-511 WAS AN INSIDE JOB
just received my townleys! two initial thoughts: they definitely feel lighter than i expected. the color is a lot closer to Alden #8 than i was expecting. definitely has some purplish hue to it. i have a pair of Alden #8 plain toes on the barrie last at home. i'll try to take some comparison pics tonight. also: we can't force MH to shut the hell up, but we can drown him out to the point where his beat-to-death gets overlooked. so, can we all collectively agree to...
KMD, thanks for posting that pic, makes me even more glad that i gave in an ordered my pair. i love the clifton for business wear, but was hoping that the townley would be more jeans-appropriate.
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